Im blown away...seriously!
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Thread: Im blown away...seriously!

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    Im blown away...seriously!

    So you guys rock!!!!

    We are going full time on customer service for you guys!
    Google and Pay Pals SSL script crashed on our server. THEY INSTALLED IT...idiots!

    So Me and Holly my customer service rep and a few others I had to pull of the Zombie masher we are building are working 14 hours a day to get you your Aeronca's and Fords.

    The sales are posting fine but the PayPal/ Google script that Google installed (our servers are bonded and hard core scripted, we arnt allowed to install this type of SSL only the bank or Pay Pal/ Google can) crashed so downloads wont start, So they are fixing that. In the mean time We moved the downloads to manual send outs on the old server and we are doing them by hand. That old server is just chuggin along like nothing is the new server wow what a pain! we weren't even allowed to build it, we had to order it and it was delivered sealed!

    So far we made it through 3500 emails and we are so thankful for all your patients!

    Its a true celebration for us here. 1st we cant believe we are still here. Secondly the new projects are so awesome! And best of all we are so happy to see our hard work go out to so many!

    We are working diligently and hard as heck to get all of you your add ons!

    Thanks for your support!!

    Your source for fine Flight Simulation enhancements!

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    I buyed your outstanding Aeronca for P3D yesterday, i also purchased your previous version of Aeronca few years ago. Keep up the good work, i will keep supporting you

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    I bought the Tri-Motor and the Aeronca packages from the FlightSim store a few minutes ago. Sale and download went fine. Thank you Tom for making these planes available at such a bargain price!

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    I grabbed the Aeronca. Nice little plane for " low and Slow ." No problem, I must have gotten in before the crash.

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