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    Folland Gnat Update

    This had been mentioned in another thread but now that it's getting close I thought I'd make it a separate one. The Folland Gnat (original model by Brian Franklin, FDE by Bob Chicilo, additional updates by A.F.Scrub) has now undergone more VC updates mostly in the area of existing textures and a few gauges. For the most part, the avionics on the consoles are non-functional (eye-candy basically).

    I have checked with Mario Donadon and he is working on converting to Native FSX however there are problem areas (the open areas around the panel as well as the gauge housing left and right). Once he's completed his work and I've notified the previous developers of my intention to release this version I'll get it uploaded.

    Folland Gnat-2021-apr-16-003 by Ed Wells, on Flickr

    Gnat-001 by Ed Wells, on Flickr

    Folland Gnat-2021-apr-16-002 by Ed Wells, on Flickr
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    Folland's gnat

    Very nice project to undertake 'Falcon'. In my early years I spent a few periods training in N Wales. The Folland Gnats based at RAF Valley were a predictable constant. I remember a fine summer morning coming over a mountain saddle and seeing a Gnat at low level over Llynn Crafnant . It was so low it left a wake behind it on the lake's surface and as it rose up and passed over the saddle it rolled inverted with both figures in the cockpit looking down on me and waving. Very cool and the clarity of their low pass in the roll has stayed with me.

    Look forward to flying your improved model, great work so far. Thanks.


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