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Thread: Looking for a .wav file

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    Looking for a .wav file

    I'm looking for a certain .wav file from the 1990 movie "Memphis Bell" that I would like to add to my Target Bremen mission. The scene is where Luke the co-pilot says "I hear they got something like 500 anti-aircraft guns around Bremen" then Virgil the flight engineer replies "Ah, I can live without knowing that Lieutenant". I would love to ad this .wav file to pop up as the bombers are approaching Bremen but I have no way to D/L it. If anyone can get me that .wav file I would appreciate it.

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    Easy enough to create a wav file once you've ripped the soundbyte from the film. Of course there are probably copyright & ownership issues to consider with this ...

    Just google how to rip sounds from youtube files, you'll find there are a surprising number of apps created to do just that

    Most will give you an MP3 format sound file, you would then run it through a prog like Audacity to format it as a wav file @ 11025 bits per sec, mono (unless you've tweaked your cfs2.cfg to use better quality sounds).

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    I tried that but unfortunately, the whole movie is not on youtube and none of the posted scenes I could find include this one scene. I was hoping someone could rip it from the DVD.

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    Icon22 Xmas in April?

    Yo Col_Wolf;

    I saw your thread a few days ago ... so here's a little gift from a Canadian brother:

    Both are .wav files @ 11025 bits per sec, mono; as per UncleTgt's instructions.

    The 'short' version is exactly what you asked for.
    The 'long' version has a 5 sec. extension at the beginning.

    Both these files 'rattle my office' when played thru a sub woofer!

    Have fun & go nutz!

    Memphis Belle - 'flak over Bremen' - short.wav
    Attached Files Attached Files

    ~~ CFS2 Fulfills my need to "peacefully" blow things up ~~

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    "pop" really doesn't do it justice ...

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    I added this .WAV file as a triggered "Play Priority Sound" event. Just as the bombers I'm escorting get 10 miles outside of Bremen it pops up. What a great sound effect! Thanks for your help guys!

    Some time ago I uploaded a few more home made .WAV files like this and they can be found here : http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...tid=48&id=3779

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    Good work! And thank YOU, _486_Col_Wolf for the tip and link.

    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Lightbulb Ripping audio from a video file 101

    Yo Col_Wolf;

    I’m glad you're enjoying the clip. I’m gonna consider that my “good deed” for this month!

    In all fairness, ripping audio from video is pretty straightforward ... if you have the video file.
    It requires 2 pieces of software – both are freeware – one of which you most likely already have installed.

    1) I didn’t have a copy of ‘Memphis Belle” but I am very active in P2P file sharing (torrent) so obtaining a copy took 10 minutes.
    A nice one too: Blue-Ray rip in 1080p with Dolby-digital 5.1 (hence the “heavy bottom end”)

    - if any of you have an interest in P2P and wish to learn more; send me a PM as it’s not a topic that is allowed in this forum.

    2) Next I had to identify where the desired sequence was in the movie – found it @ 1h 8m

    3) Load the video into “Windows Movie Maker” (Win 7 & 8.1) or “Movie Maker” (Win 10) – I’m not 100% sure of this as I don’t have Win 10

    - edit (remove) all the video before & after the clip
    - Click “Save movie as” go down to the bottom entry and select “audio only”
    - hit “save movie”

    The audio clip is an MP4a in stereo @ 44,000 bit rate

    4) Download & install “Format Factory” (freeware)


    Format Factory allows ANY audio, video or picture file for be converted into another format, quickly & easily.
    It also allows for full customization in audio bit-rate, video frame-rates etc.

    5) Load the audio file into Format Factory.
    - set convert to .wav output
    - reset bit rate to 11025 bits per sec. (for CFS2)
    - set output to mono (for CFS2)

    To some this might sound a bit complicated, but do it a couple of times and you’ll see how easy it really is.

    OK ... class dismissed ... no exam ... meet you all at the “O” club .... Col_Wolf is buying all the “virtual beer” tonight!

    ~~ CFS2 Fulfills my need to "peacefully" blow things up ~~

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