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    Upgrade v0.90

    Another large upgrade.

    Version 0.90 April 22, 2021
    In our screenshots you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer's displays.

    This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

    You can join our Discord channel at

    Full 0.90 changelog below:

    - COPILOT IS BACK! Ben may be toggled on or off by clicking the seatbelt straps
    - PILOT model is also available by clicking on the CAPT's seat buckle
    - EICAS messages "light up" when appearing, and the ACK button dismisses them
    - Add warnings tests: LAMPS, FIRE 1 and FIRE 2
    - Add a rear overhead view, add GEN 1, GEN 2 and EPU switches to rear overhead
    - Add fuel prime pumps (to be used during startup only)
    - New (WIP) overhead panel and textures
    - Add many new EICAS messages (Battery, Starter, IDLE, FUEL PRIME, GEN DISCONNECTED, MFD/Avionics overheat)
    - Add ROTOR BRAKE (engages Parking Brake, does not currently slow down rotor)
    - Parking brake removed from Config page
    - Flight model: Tweak yaw acceleration for smoother takeoff in Advanced mode
    - Flight Model: Boost ETL
    - Flight Model: Ground effect is now relative to density altitude
    - Update normal procedures on offline EFB
    - Change BEACON to ACOL light
    - Change NAV to POS light
    - CONFIG: You may now remove the middle row of seats on the table Config page
    - CONFIG: Add Visible EPU toggle to hide EPU model when inapplicable
    - Fix collective texture (partially anyway)
    - Fix carpet/map overlap on CAPTs side
    - Fix FO's cyclic stand bracket being missing
    - Make the "internal Ariel " spin sideways
    - Remove taxi light (not realistic)
    - Removed unused buttons on the main MFDs
    - Add NR HI mode for increased performance (rotor RPM will not show greater than 100% yet)
    - VMS engine instruments won't go Orange/XX anymore
    - Rear tablet is now toggled by clicking directly below where it appears (the console between the seats)
    - Rear doors now have clickspots (just above the doors)
    - Emergency lights switch added
    - Ready For Takeoff config option will now set barometric pressure to the local setting.
    - Edit camera pilot view position (better for VR)
    - Add thumbnail.jpg for content manager

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    A nice one.
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    Could anybody remind me how this "advanced mode" they mentioned in the log is activated please ?
    Is it the flight model in the sim settings ?
    Or is it a setting specific to this helicopter ?

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    When you flip the little side screen, you are offered 3 types of settings. Advanced is the magenta one.
    Torture numbers and they'll say anything.

    Hubbabubba, Touche à tout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hubbabubba View Post
    When you flip the little side screen, you are offered 3 types of settings. Advanced is the magenta one.
    I used to only fly in Basic, but once I figured out how more responsive the Advanced mode is, that is all I fly in! NC

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    Ah ok, thanks a lot ! I'll take a look at this tonight

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    Here's a short review of the latest 0.90 version;

    Torture numbers and they'll say anything.

    Hubbabubba, Touche à tout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hubbabubba View Post
    Here's a short review of the latest 0.90 version;
    He does a good job introducing the new features.

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    Upgrade v0.91

    More good things...

    Full 0.91 changelog below:

    - Windshield: Glitching in rain and fog is fixed
    - Windshield: Rain effects are now enalbed
    - High precision GTC.H. Hold position in a 0.5m box even with wind gusts up to 40kt
    - Door positions are no longer synced across all H135s in multiplayer
    - Sun visors installed (click overhead to toggle, or configure in the tablet)
    - Pitot tubes installed
    - Adjust various bolts on the top of the hull so they are visible, adjust skid cutting into hull
    - New livery: Airbus H135 Norsk Luftambulanse
    - Overhead panel: Add STANDBY BATTERY (activate along with main battery)
    - Overhead, add other switches (power inverter, DC power outlets, fuzz burn, air conditioning)
    - Added panel light to overhead
    - Cockpit color is now darker
    - Rear seat color adjusted
    - Rotor cap is now glossy
    - You may now use left click on the MFD knob when in BARO mode to set STD pressure
    - You may now click the spotlight in the cockpit to toggle cabin lights
    - Removed unusable switches from OH
    - Disable rotor mast animation (incorrect)
    - Adjust the captains seatbelt clickspot
    - Fix EPU texture flickering
    - Fix unmapped EPU texture
    - Add collective pitch animation to main rotor
    - Fix many rotor animation bugs
    - Fixed texture on grills (left, right, top) on the hull
    - Add Tools folder (link to paint kit, link to efbconnect, livery upgrade kit to repair "white cockpit", user setup package)
    - Reduce AP trying to restore an attitude prior to a different AP mode being selected (avoid it killing you, sorry - still more to do!)
    - Restrict EPU visibility to fuel valve open or aircraft in the air
    - GTN750 "map interlock" to prevent CTDs. Once you activate GTN750 you will not be able to open more maps, DMAP and NAVD pages will be black.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I sometimes flew helos in FSX, then P3D, but never enjoyed doing so as much as withTHIS creation! So much fun. And in VR? Absolutely incredible! NC

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    Indeed that helicopter is a real joy in VR in MSFS.
    We flew it in multiplayer with my brother tuesday night, flying around the Etna volcano to land on the top. What a view !

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    A very very good Machine

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    It just gets better and better. Those eary versions were just awful, but this is now something very special for flightsim.

    Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

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    I had written this off because it sounded like the flight model was a total hack, but it sounds like it's worth checking out at this point!

    Downloading now...

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    Video v0.91

    A new video complimenting the above upgrade.

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    Some very nice liveries.
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    I’ve looked for this repaint everywhere , checked but can’t find it ? Do you have a link ?


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    Thank you Seahawk

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    Upgrade v0.92

    A Hugh new release....

    Full 0.92 changelog below:


    - NEW: PRIME pumps **MUST** be used during startup!
    - NEW: XFER pumps **MUST** be used during flight!
    - NEW: AVIO 1&2 **MUST** be used furing flight!
    - NEW: External parts like the end plates+tailfin, wire cutters and multiple radome and skid settler options. See the paintkit for more info. These new parts are ready for repaints. Small changes have been made to increase the quality and reduce the texture size of H135 textures. For this reason, liveries will need to be updated for 0.92. The paintkit includes instructiosn and may be downloaded at:

    - Flight Model: Adjustments to torque, power and ETL
    - Flight Model: Adjusted ground contact to more accurately reflection ground interactions with various collective and cyclic settings
    - Flight model: scale power with tail rotor blade pitch
    - Add DOOR OPEN message back to message list
    - GTC.H will now manage collective (RA / Altitude hold)
    - Revert to old rotor disc blur which was causing problems for some VR users
    - More AP fixes to prevent an unexpected pitch or roll when engaging
    - Remove Landing Gear flight model buttons (for Honeycomb Bravo users who need to unmap these keys to fly H135)
    - Adjust drag (make it easier to slow down / quick stop)
    - Tablet is now usable when the battery is dead or BATT MSTER is not on (C&D)
    - Rain sound effects enhanced, position adjusted
    - Added a damage sound when exceeding 130 degrees (metal on metal, ouch)
    - Rotor state (off, starting, ground idle, flight) no longer be synced between players in multiplayer. Each H135 should show an accurate and unique state for each player.
    - Adjust night lighting: LANDING (head/hull) light is now emissive.
    - NAV/POS lights are now emissive, added glass caps. Extended to be compatible with both H135 and EC135 external part configurations
    - Strobe lights now alternate between right nad left sides instead of flashing on both sides at once
    - Placard is now is now on when C&D, and is no longer emissive. (Edit panel.cfg if you prefer emission)
    - Doors are now always closed when in menu/hangar
    - New sound: EPU (sensitive to door positions)
    - New sound: ambient outdoor day/night
    - New sound: avionics fan
    - New sound: Air Conditioning
    - EPU switch removed from OH panel, click EPU or EPU cable to connect/disconnect
    - Add day/night ambient sounds for when doors are open
    - Backlight analog compass when powered on at night
    - Added AFCS Failure. AP is unavailable. EICAS and master warning indications are present when in flight model L4
    - Fuel system now more closely matches EC135 configuration with one main tank and 2 supply tanks, as well as an AUX tank. Note the AUX tank is slow to drain into MAIN
    - PRIME pumps are required for C&D start
    - LOW FUEL 1/2, LOW FUEL MAIN indications added and corrected
    - Add CARGO SMOKE to master warnings
    - Add registration name plates above MFDs (this matches what is configured in the ATC menu)
    - Avionics 1 & 2 switches are now functional
    - Cabin lights 1 (rear pax), 2 and 3 are spot lights
    - CLICK the spot lights behind pilots to activate cockpit lights
    - NVG (green) panel lighting
    - Added panel brightness dimmer knob to overhead, next to INSTR LIGHT
    - PITOT HTG 1 & 2 now functional
    - PITOT HEAT OFF message returned to message list
    - APCP (autopilot control panel, between the seats) buttons added to control flight mode, A.TRIM, BACKUP SAS, AP1, AP2. Remove all amber OFFs for BASIC flight. Disable ATRIM only for ADVANCED flight.
    - MFD power buttons have green LEDs now
    - Performance: fire panel no longer uses 2x screens
    - TRQ values are now more accurate
    - You may now use the `g` key (Toggle Landing Gear) to toggle GTC.H engage/disengage (when available/engaged)
    - TRQ no longer rises until engine light off (the rotor will still spin too early for now)
    - TRQ will balance the load to one engine when OEI
    - Weight stations calculations on VMS page fixed (copilot now has weight, baggage has weight)
    - Add logic such that supply tanks will flow into the center tank when high nose down attitude and XFER pumps off
    - Increase the animation speed for switches, doors.
    - Automatic engine start is removed, xfer pumps won't come on automatically before flight now
    - You must bring both engines into IDLE then one into FLIGHT, or use Ctrl+E to conduct a manually triggered auto start
    - Adjust cockpit textures in rear cabin
    - Adjust exterior textures
    - Adjust external lighting caps
    - Remove small engine from search light

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    OUI, OUI

    Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

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    Video v0.92

    A video overview of the update.

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    Airbus H135 Chamonix Mont-Blanc Helicopteres company

    Version 2.0: This livery just working with Airbus H135 new version 0.92 and above. Add new parts of helicopter

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    Many reports of problems with the .092 update. It seems to be causing a lot of CTD's. I deleted it and went back one version.

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    Other repaints

    The repaint artist from above has a number of other liveries.

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