HU! Be-12 model at Avsimrus!
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Thread: HU! Be-12 model at Avsimrus!

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    HU! Be-12 model at Avsimrus!

    If you're into Soviet amphibious aircraft... Go get it!


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    Thanks for the HU.


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    If anybody besides me has downloaded this plane, have you figured out how to open the bomb bay? I cycled the animation features in ModelConverterX and the bomb bay opens to reveal a torpedo, but I've tried just about every keystroke normally used to make stuff work and it won't open while flying in the sim.
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    There's a switch on the upper right portion on the instrument panel. It's just to the left of the red fire extinguisher pulls.


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    Wow, that was easy! Thanks, Brian!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TARPSBird View Post
    Wow, that was easy! Thanks, Brian!


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    On Simviation there is a package with two addtional paint schemes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawk_sh View Post
    On Simviation there is a package with two addtional paint schemes.

    Thanks for the link. I had some problems with the textures out of the box, one set needed flipping like you do with FSX textures too make them work in FS9, and the tails and floats textures just didn't show up. so I fixed them so they show ( it was an Alpha channel problem). If anyone has similar problems and is unable to sort them, please holler and I'll make the fix's available.


    EDIT Here are the fixed files
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    Thank you for the fixed files.
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    Soviet era... check.
    Amphibian... check.
    Looks a little like the PBM Mariner... check.

    I would say sign me up, but I kinda already did. I've kept myself busy flying the MDLX version since it released on Simviation almost a week ago (helped distract me from the side effects of my covid shot). I can't say I'm normally impressed when it comes to the contact points on flying boat addons, but bravo to whomever did the float points for this bird! You could say they were on point...

    I'll see myself out now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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