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    DCS AH-64D Apache


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    Can't wait for that one to come out!! I grew up with Gunship! on the C64, it always amazes me how far the technology has moved on! I have great fun with the KA-50's optical sight which is cued by my VR headset, and I'm sure the AH-64D will feature something very similar!

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    ....more info

    DCS: AH-64D
    Development Report

    Here are some of the features that we are currently working on for Early Access. We look forward to giving you an exact date when pre-orders will begin. We expect it to be in the first week of May 2021.

    Aircraft Systems

    • Powerplants and related systems
    • Fuel system
    • Hydraulic and pressurised air systems
    • Electrical system
    • Lighting
    • Flight Instruments
    • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
    • Autopilot modes
    • Multipurpose display
    • MPD pages (ENG, FUEL, etc.)
    • Keyboard Unit
    • Enhanced Up Front Display
    • Fire suppression system

    The AH-64D is equipped with advanced sensors capable of target detection and engagement at long ranges. Here are some of the Early Access features;


    • Navigation Subsystem
    • Embedded Global Positioning
    • Inertial Navigation system
    • Doppler radar velocity sensor
    • Air Data system
    • Radar Altimeter
    • Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
    • MPD Tactical Situation Display (TSD)
    • Communication systems

    The AH-64D is capable of adapting to several roles within the context of close air support tasking. In addition to the 30 mm M230 single-barrel chain-driven autocannon, it can carry external stores and weapons on its stub-wing pylons. Equipment we are planning to release includes;

    Mission Equipment
    Sighting Subsystem

    • Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS)
    • Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensor (MPNVS)
    • Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight (MTADS)
    • Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

    Armament Systems

    • Area Weapons System (M230E1 Automatic Gun)
    • Rocket Management Subsystem (2.75 Inch Aerial Rocket)
    • Hellfire Modular Missile System (Semi-Active Laser)
    • Weapons page

    Defensive Systems

    • One chaff and two flare dispensers
    • Airborne Survivability Equipment (ASE) page
    • Common Missile Warning System (CMWS)
    • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

    Dedicated designers are also working on photo-realistic cockpit details and labels. In parallel, work continues on the external model textures.

    The flight model and flight control system are highly complex and demanding. We are confident that the fidelity will be very high at Early Access. Much more information on the development of this sophisticated attack helicopter will be coming soon.

    Thank you again for all your passion and support,


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    04 June 2021

    Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

    We are currently preparing the pre-order access for later this summer. Our work is focused on preparing the AH-64D Block II for Early Access release, based on a detailed design specification. These efforts are spread across all areas of module development, including art, systems, flight dynamics, AI, and more.

    Thank you for your passion and support.

    Yours sincerely,

    Eagle Dynamics Team

    DCS: AH-64D
    Development Report

    The external model and cockpit are extraordinarily complex and time consuming. An enormous amount of research and work have gone into making these as detailed and accurate as possible. Special attention has been given to the pilot crew models and animations.

    Much of the avionics work focuses on the navigation system and TSD pages. This is in parallel with the IHADSS / PNVS / TADS, the Area Weapons System / Rocket Management Subsystem, Longbow Hellfire Modular Missile System with the AGM-114K.

    The Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) is also in development. This incorporated the Radar Signal Detecting Set and the Common Missile Warning System (CMWS). These will be available at launch and greatly increase mission survivability.

    The flight model is progressing nicely, and we are now developing the flight augmentation systems that include SCAS and HOLD modes. Modeling of the T700 GE 701D EDECU engine and related systems is underway.

    Thank you again for your passion and support,

    Your sincerely,


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