Britannia Airways Crew Transport C421 Golden Eagle
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Thread: Britannia Airways Crew Transport C421 Golden Eagle

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    Britannia Airways Crew Transport C421 Golden Eagle


    I am pretty new to this forum so apologies if in wrong section, but.... I am an Ex Britannia Airways Engineer, now retired am interested in the various Flt Simulators, I have P3DV4.5 and the recent MSFS 2021.

    I am looking for a paint scheme for my Alebeo C421 A/C that reflectts Britannia Airways Golden Eagles they had two and I recall flying on one more than once to rescue AOG A/C (B737-200

    I am not sure where to look other than the internet etc

    Can anyone help please.

    Kind Regards
    Charlie McEwan
    Best Regards

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    I am not aware of a repaint depicting Britannia aircraft for this model, so Id recommend submitting a paid request with Inibuilds. They are actually working on a livery for me right now for the same aircraft:

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    It is probably work asking over at Classic British Flight Sim (CBFSim), if you haven't already...


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