Fernando Alonso cycling accident
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Thread: Fernando Alonso cycling accident

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    Fernando Alonso cycling accident

    Q)Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso was involved in cycling accident in Switzerland.

    Alonso, 39, who has a residence in Lugano, Switzerland, is returning to Formula in 2021 with the Alpine F1 team.

    "Alpine F1 Team can confirm that Fernando Alonso has been involved in a road accident while cycling in Switzerland," the team said in a Thursday press release. "Fernando is conscious and well in himself and is awaiting further medical examinations tomorrow morning.

    "Alpine F1 Team will not make any further statement at this point in time. Further updates will be given tomorrow."
    According to media outlet Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy, Alonso was examined at a hospital near Lugano and X-rays showed that he has a fractured jaw and damage to his teeth. He is being sent to a hospital in Bern. He is conscious.

    According to the Courier del Ticino, the local newspaper of the region, Alonso was hit by a car on Via La Santa in Viganello, which is a downtown district of Lugano.(Q

    Like him or not, this sort of report gives one pause for thought.
    We've lost too many good people this way.
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    Thank you for letting us know the news about Alonso.

    I didn't know he'd had a pile - up in Switzerland. I hope he recovers quickly. Like him or not F1 was all the poorer with his leaving the 'sport'.

    I didn't know he was on his way back to F1. Great news. The sport will be all the richer with his 'performances'... With his teeth damaged, I suppose he will not be able to bite anyone who annoys him like before, although now he will just have to give them a nasty suck.... DON'T GO THERE!

    I never knew Alpine F1 existed. More good news. New or re-circulated blood for the 'sport'. Either way, a bonus.

    Does this mean Spanish Lives Matter?

    The very best of luck to him I say, I always found him very entertaining and I just hope he shows the new kids on the block how an old man can drive.


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    Sadly bikers who get hit is becoming more common it seems. It often are bikers who train for the next season in the warm south of Europe. But is this case it seems to be just an ordinary crash in the middle of town.

    Normally when bikers hit a car they have broken legs, hips, wrists or collar bone. Head injuries are less common unless you go over the car or smash right into something.
    A broken jaw and broken teeth, is not nice but repairable, so I don't expect it will have an effect on his return to F-1.

    I hope for a speedy recovery as F-1 can use a flamboyant character like Alonso


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