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Thread: Released! Spitfire Mk IXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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    Finally just about done with this one, I think. I hope to have it uploaded tomorrow along with the factory-delivery version.

    Around the cowling I got rid of the inaccurate access panels and added in all of the actual ones, as well as adding a couple panel lines. On the rear fuselage I added the battery access panel on the starboard-side and the two circular inspection panels on both side. On the left wing/fuselage fillets I added the electrical/radio socket access panel.

    The imperfect demarcation between the top and bottom colors of the camouflage is done to match the restoration, and this was the way that Castle Bromwich Spitfire Mk.IX's, such as PT879, came from the Castle Bromwich factory. They didn't have the paint masked with a sharp edge to the demarcation between the topside and bottom-side colors like Supermarine did at their factory. All of the stencils are done to match the restoration, which in-turn are also specifically accurate to Castle Bromwich production. For instance, the wing walkway and wing trestle stencils are unique to Castle Bromwich production - I reproduced each letter of these stencils in high resolution to match. You will find both DTD 517 S and DTD 314 S stencils, and which are correct to their placements on the real aircraft. Other items, like the W/T stencils, were also recreated first in high resolution and matching the exact design as they are on the restoration. You can also spot the little Lock/Unlock stencils on the spinner. The red-doped fabric patches on the starboard rear fuselage and under the ailerons have a pinked-edge to the fabric, which has also been added to the normal maps. Prop stencils have also been added, front and back, just as they are on the real PT879.

    The wing walkway lines are also thicker - on Castle Bromwich Spitfires, they were 1" thick, as depicted on the restoration, vs. 3/4" thick on Supermarine-produced Spitfires. One of the few departures from the real aircraft - since the panel lines of the product paint schemes aren't positioned quite accurately, in order to have the wing walkway lines in the correct locations on the wings, they are inboard of the panel lines, while on the real aircraft they are outboard of the panel lines - however, the wing walkway lines themselves are in the right locations in relation to the wing as a whole, matching the same locations as on the restored aircraft. This way too the non-slip tape on the inboard port-wing is sized accurately as well.

    I've paid close attention to the various paint finishes (smooth vs. rough) on the real aircraft to try and as closely match them in the sim as possible, using the PBR complete map textures. Where the Russian light green and AMT-11 blue grey is applied, you can still see hints of the roundels below, due to the smoother/compacted paint finish of the roundels. The Russian stars on the bottom of the wing are also glossy, compared to the matte stars on the fuselage and tail. The textures for the tires, landing gear, landing gear doors and wells, tail gear, pitot tube and cockpit side door lever have all been modified, and the normal maps for the wheel wells and landing gear doors have also been modified to get rid of the grainy-textured appearance. Looking at one of these shots below, however, I noticed an old problem with part of the gear well textures, that found its way in again, that will need to be addressed before I upload the repaints.

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    Looking forward to the release of both versions John!!!

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    I love your attention to detail John, superb work.

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    John, looking amazing sharp!

    Think you still use the 8096x8096 texture? Myselve and too reduce to 4096x4096 to get it manageable within paintshop with loading and saving time etc.

    Looking forward to the end result!


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    Thank you everyone, I appreciate it!

    Marcel, yeah when I originally started on it I was doing the albedo textures in 4K, because my 2019 version of Paintshop Pro kept causing issues trying to save the 8K-layered files (and while working, it would get slowed way down). However, about a week and a half ago, after making so much of the stenciling myself, in very high resolution, and not wanting all of that work to go to waste, as well as wanting to add those little locked/unlocked stencils to the spinner, and still be clear-enough to be read, I ended up purchasing the latest version of Paintshop Pro (which handles the 8K-layered files better), and I ended up redoing it all in 8K (only reusing the camouflage layers from my previous work).

    I've just finished uploading both versions of the repaint to, so now it is just a matter of them waiting to be approved.

    Here are some screenshots of the final factory-delivery scheme version. One of the only departures from the real, restored aircraft is the way I did the demarcation of the RAF Dark Green across the top of the cowlings around the fuel cap. It is the same as on the real aircraft up until the panel line between the upper forward and rear cowls. On the restored aircraft, when they painted this area, they had painted the main fuselage/fuel tank cowl first, and then masked that area off when they painted the forward cowls later. As a result, the Dark Green demarcation between the upper forward and rear cowl panels doesn't line-up - it's about 5-6 inches off. I did duplicate this at one point while working on these repaints, but I didn't like it and I figured I'd make it look better in this area. Other than that, the rest of the demarcation lines of the RAF Dark Green paint is highly accurate, if not exact to the real thing (since most of it I copied from photos layered onto the textures).

    This week I've got some magazine work to do, but I'm hoping by next weekend to get started on MJ755, the "Greek Spitfire".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomber_12th View Post

    This week I've got some magazine work to do, but I'm hoping by next weekend to get started on MJ755, the "Greek Spitfire".
    Music to my ears! My childhood friend! The plane that sparked my imagination and interest in aviation (and particularly Spitfires)!

    This is adolescent me in late 80s with MJ when she was still laying outside in the War Museum in the center of Athens. Yes, exposed to the elements and sporting a yellow spinner but so easy to get close and touch! The museum was in walking distance from my home and one could enjoy the planes outside without even paying a ticket! A Helldiver was also there right next to MJ.

    In 1995 she got under cover in the Tatoi Air Force Museum and in 2008 a full restoration effort started by the museum but (thankfully) ended up in Biggin Hill and in the hands of the experts.

    Really looking forward to seeing MJ fly over here but it would be great to have in the sim, especially painted by you John!

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    Many thanks for this outstanding work John!!!
    Can't wait to fly her in her new markings...


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    Here are some work-in-progress shots of the recently restored MJ755. I started on this one Friday evening and I should have it completed in a matter of a few days. Now that I got my groundwork/working-base textures from PT879, things are cruising along much faster now with this one.

    Items still to do and add - Refine Fin Flash Leading Edge, Cannon Fairings, Walkway Non-Slip, Lower Wing Roundels, 'C' Wing Cannon/Machine Gun Shell Ejector Chutes, Tail W/T Stencil, Prop Stencils, Complete Maps/PBR.

    As with PT879, all of the camouflage and markings here on MJ755 are specifically accurate/drawn to match the real aircraft. Just the base PBR shown here (camouflage/markings not yet added). The colors are also different than on PT879, and are specifically tuned to match those seen on the restored MJ755.

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    One more to be proud of John!!!

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    Thank you, Dimus and Stιph! I got really behind in work this past week, so I couldn't get MJ755 finished until this weekend, but it has now been uploaded to

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    Thank you so much!

    I’ll finally get to fly my childhood friend! Even if virtually...

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    She is beautiful John!!!
    Do you intend to reproduce the current livery of TB252, same as she wore during her wartime with RAF No. 341 (Free French) "ALSACE" Squadron?


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    Yeah, TB252 is definitely on my short list. I have a bunch of photos collected of it, including of it now in California with the No 341 'Alsace' Squadron crest painted near the cockpit.

    The one that will be next, however, is MJ730, which I've already started on (it's one I always wanted to have/wanted to do for the RealAir Mk.IX). TE392 is also in progress.

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    Good news!!!!
    Looking forward to it...

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    In-case anyone comes here weeks/months from now and is interested in it, here is the page to download MJ755:

    Here are some more of the screenshots I assembled over the weekend, flying between Biggin Hill and Headcorn:

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    One more Spitfire from me as well: ML407, the current Grace Spitfire trainer, in it's pre-D-Day looks with No 485 RNZAF Squadron

    You can find most of my repaints in the library here on the outhouse

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    Beautiful as always Jankees!!

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    Just received an e-mail regarding update 1.0.2. Came here to check for comments but it looks like I'm first here. Their website also has no changelog yet for the update. Gonna download it now to see if some documentation is included. The manual has a changelog and a big one it is: UPDATE 1.0.2 Art • Modern Radio & Transponder unit added • Windshield scratches decreased • Cockpit control hitboxes improved, made easier to use • Pilot head basic animation • Fuel Slipper Tank added • Fixed Compass & Directional Indicator • Prop blur adjusted at low RPMs • Cockpit Camera collisions added • Various small bugfixes Systems • Custom C++ Merlin Temperature model integrated (replaces default MSFS thermodynamics system) • Fuel system overhauled + External Tank integrated • Custom oxygen system integrated • Fuel Primer functionality integrated - now required for startup (note that requirements vary with weather conditions) • Engine failures revised, overheat failures improved. The engine must now be flown inside real-world operating limits or it will very likely fail • Camera/quick-views overhauled • Door & Canopy overhauled - increased realism, includes locking mechanism. Door must be closed to operate canopy slide. Flight Model The flight model has been overhauled and improved, with many small corrections adding up to make for a significantly more realistic experience. As before, thanks to GotGravel for many contributions here. • Geometry corrections, wing surface areas corrected • CG locations & limits revised • Lift & Drag curves revised • Flaps pitching moment & drag corrections (nose-down tendency more realistically modelled) • Moments of Inertia revised • Roll rates & control authority adjusted
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    Got the same mail and downloaded but not installed just yet. Chores have to come first!

    Intel i7 9700K
    be quiet! Dark Rock 4 Pro cooler
    32Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR4 3200MHz
    Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E Motherboard
    Asus RTX 2080 Super ROG STRIX Graphics Card
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