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    Hello Ivan
    I'm not worried at all, what is interesting in our hobby is its limits, and the ability we can have to find tips to extend it, but it doesn't always work. I recently tested the possibility to "animate" a 3D object with the gauge macro show/hide, showing by example a "swich on" 3D object and hiding a second 3d object "switch off", I found the idea very good and it could extend possibilities, but it crashes the game, so I'll give up any search in this way, nowI know the idea wasn't so good, but there is so many things to test
    I believe I'm not clever enough to program complicated equations, for now, but I try to progress. A thing I would enjoy to solve is the use of the starter, an old bosch starter was turned for several turns to product energy to start the propeller, and all I succeeded for now is to have it vibrate, and finally make a complete turn, I believe I could search on the "while" C function direction, but don't know enough for now to use it, as to follow...
    Good work with the fuel selectors between others

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    Hello Klein,

    If you don't mind, I would like to take the design of the P-38 Fuel Selector to the "Gauges for Combat Flight Simulator" Thread so I can record the ideas for the design process and create some kind of a log.... This also keeps me from repeating things that do not work out. There actually should not be a lot a "fancy" programming though the flow will be interesting I think.

    If you are interested in working on Starters, it may interest you to know that I just finished one recently and used it as part of a general rework of the panel for Aleatorylamp's Tigercat. There is a thread called "Tigercat Updates" that only describes a couple of the many corrections I have made to that project.
    My Starter Gauge set is based on a slightly reworked set of stock P51D bitmaps. I needed a multi engine set for the Lightning. The gauge programming was a LOT of experimentation that took over a week because it wasn't clear what EventIDs and Token Variables were actually involved.

    - Ivan.

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    Hello Klein,

    It seems I might need to implement the same type of starter if I ever finish the Albatros D.Va that sits gathering dust in my workshop. It can be seen in its current state in the "Conspicuous By Their Absence" Thread on several pages including the last couple pages.
    I can't quite figure out how it is supposed to work though. It seems functionally much like an inertial starter or Coffman starter perhaps?

    - Ivan.

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    Hello Ivan
    No problem for you to use the fuel selector BMPs, but I don't have any right on it, it's the stock CFS2 gauge

    Check your private messages, I send you the code for an Albatross DIII gauge I made when I began to jig with gauges, you'll see the snarfu code I made for the Bosch starter, after hundreds of tests, this one gave me the best result, perhaps many things are silly, but it don't works too bad, but I'm not totally satisfied with its behaviour when the engine is started with the "E" key.

    Best regards

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    Hello folks
    I finally found a more precise pict for this Re8 panel, in the "RAF Re8 at war" windsock I just received, and what is written is clearly visible, lovely!

    All the best


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