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    Supermarine Spitfire Mk

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    Description: The final Spitfire variant, the Mk 24, was similar to the Mk 22 except that it had an increased fuel capacity over its predecessors, with two fuel tanks of 33 gal (150 l) each installed in the rear fuselage. There were also zero-point fittings for rocket projectiles under the wings. All had the larger "Spiteful" tail units; modifications were also made to the trim tab gearings to perfect the F Mk 24's handling. The F Mk 24 achieved a maximum speed of 454 mph (731 km/h) and could reach an altitude of 30,000 ft (9,100 m) in eight minutes, putting it on a par with the most advanced piston-engine fighters of the era.

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    Any chance for a CFS3 version?

    Would love to see how this beautiful plane would function on CFS3. Any possibility of that happening?

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    Hi, fewer modders now than before. Il2 Bat has them. ut I agree would luv to see them in cfs 3

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