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    Virpil #1 Control Panel

    ***Pre-Order Available***

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    Panel#2 Available for Pre-Order

    Introducing the Virpil Control Panel #2!

    VPC Control Panel #2
    The Control Panel #2 aims to bring even further unique inputs and control options to every VIRPIL as a standalone device or as part of a VPCockpit
    The control inputs include:
    ★ 10 x Customisable RGB Momentary Buttons
    ★ 6 x Momentary Toggle Switches (ON-OFF-ON)
    ★ 2 x Latched Toggle Switches (ON-ON)
    ★ 2 x Flip Cover Toggle Switches (ON-OFF-ON)
    ★ 3 x Encoder Dials (+ Push)
    ★ Multi-Position Landing Gear Lever (ON-ON-ON)
    ★ Dynamic Gear Status LEDs
    The multi-position landing gear lever features an all metal internal mechanism, featuring a swappable detent plate, spring loaded lift and return and a VPC digital contactless position sensor ensuring precise and reliable input.

    more info and pictures here


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