Pélicandrome closing in for virtual aerial firefighters!
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Thread: Pélicandrome closing in for virtual aerial firefighters!

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    Pélicandrome closing in for virtual aerial firefighters!

    Hello fellow virtual aerial firefighters!
    I am glad to announce that I have been working for a few... months on modelling and interfacing a pélicandrome model with Lorby SI's FireFighterX!
    "Pélicandrome" is how refill stations are named in France, a portmanteau of Pélican, the callsign of French waterbombers (Catalinas, then CL-215 and CL-415) and aérodrôme (airfield).

    An issue with the animations got me banging my head against the wall for most of the last two months. I couldn't find a solution (the modelling wizards at FSDeveloper.com neither). So I have had to change my way of dealing with the hose and hose crew animations, and I have just been able to come to a quite satisfying solution. The hose crew can't walk around (having them walk would mean I could not fix the anim issue), so they "slide around" in a static pose (pose that you can see in the following pictures). I know this is not ideal, but I had come to a point I was faced with the eventuality of discarding the whole project. 😱
    But the hose is animated as one could expect.

    I still have to work on the hose gear texture and a ground poly, and Lorby SI are working on their side so that they can introduce a specific function to create the hose crew model at the right spot in the sim.

    So it is definitely comes along nicely. Stay tuned!

    PS : I tested first the marshaller and stripes, then the hose crew and gear. The released version will feature all these items together, of course.

    View of the marshaller and the positioning stripes

    Default Position of the Hose crew

    Bringing the Hose to the Aircraft

    Hose Connected, Walking Away

    Refilling Ongoing

    Topped Up, Coming to Disconnect

    And I apologise for having forgotten to screenshot the hose crew dragging the hose away from the aircraft...

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    It´s simply looks amazing!

    ..I think the time has come to park some firefighters in my hangar...

    It´s simply looks amazing! Keep it up - I stay tuned.


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    This would be a great addition to the sim airtanker community! NICE WORK!

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    Thanks lads for your kind comments!

    Here is the latest batch of screenshots with the final texture set :

    I am still working on NorthAmerican/Australia looking textures for the ground crew. And Oliver (from Lorby-SI) is having a look at hiw to interface all this with FFX.

    More to come soin (hopefully)

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    Well done, mate, glad to see you worked that one out!
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    Thanks Tom! I was very close to dump all this at a point.
    I had to roll back to a simpler architecture (from fully animated ground crew to sliding along the ground poses changing depending on the refilling status), but it works at last.
    There is no point not being able to get the best looking model to work.

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    Hi this looks great any idea when your going to release it to the public?

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    Hello PhantomP!
    Thank you for your interest in the pélicandrome!
    I am afraid I can not promise anything regarding the release date : both Oliver (FFX creator and Lorby-SI manager) and I are busy with real life commitments.
    The pélicandrome model and the animations managing XML gauge are completed. What is still missing is the C++ controller app that communicates with FFX to position the model.

    Stay tuned!

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    Writing the documentation as I type.
    Should not be long now.

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