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    DC Designs Concorde

    A bit of a different release sometime within the next month or so - not a combat airplane, but as I've always shared my projects here I thought I'd share some images of this one as it's slowly now reaching some degree of readiness for testing with the Just Flight team. Not study-level, FSLabs have that covered, but plenty of system depth for those who enjoy their button pushing

    This will be the last project that I release that will support FSX / FSX Steam, due to it just becoming too difficult to build for multiple platforms, especially now that MSFS is just around the corner. The MSFS version of Concorde will be completely re-modeled and textured to take advantage of the new sim's greater fidelity. Enjoy, and stay safe everyone!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Burner turn 1.jpg   Corridor.jpg   Mach 2.jpg   Evening 2.jpg   Concorde cockpit.jpg   Night Lighting VC.jpg  

    I wish I had enough time to finish writing everything I sta...https://www.facebook.com/DC-Designs-2156295428024778/

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    I have Libardo Guzman's Concorde. Great exterior, VC alright but not enough to do. I also have FSLAB's Concorde-X. Fantastic exterior, VC and a great study level sim. So great you almost need a friend as a full time FE as doing it all by yourself is too much like work! (I still can't go supersonic in it. I can't get the fuel balanced fast enough to trim the plane.) I'm sure yours will slot perfectly between those two! Looking forward to it! (Loving the F-15 too BTW!) You say it's not military for a change, but you could do a military scheme for it as it was looked at as a basis for a bomber version. (I've seen touched up photos in anti-flash white carrying a pair of Blue Steels But I bet the green/grey wraparound camo would look good on it!)

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    Excellent looking Concorde - I still use FSX and so I will be keeping my eye on this one thanks!As a boy I repainted my Airfix Concorde into a what if - a camouflaged troop transport. Two-green, one brown upper surfaces with a grey underside, separated by a wavy line, similar to that which I'd seen on B-52s a la Vietnam (they had black undersides) (I don't think I realised about supersonic flight heating up the paint, especially darker shades). I installed (glued! ) a pair of droptanks on the underside of the rear fuselage in a similar position to the ventral fins of an F-16.

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    I'll be waiting for the FS2020 version. No hurry. Thanks for the previews, it looks great.

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