HUD Landing Zone indicator
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Thread: HUD Landing Zone indicator

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    HUD Landing Zone indicator

    Looking for some help. I recall a small freeware add-on that would put runway landing zone brackets on a Head Up Display. I don't recall if it was FSX or earlier. Hoping someone might remember it as well and where I might find it.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Try here good sir!

    EDIT - 5th one down may be the one you need - it displays runway edges... by Dietmar Loleit

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    Sorry for not getting back here. Had a major PC crash. Lost boot drive (everything on the desktop) and main program drive (documents folder was the big loss). Backups were not complete so slowly rebuilding everything.

    What I'm looking for is the AoA bracket symbol that appears when the gear is lowered. It is a vertical one sided rectangle that helps you align with the touchdown area of the runway.

    Someone had made a small freeware utility that added this to an existing HUD. But I can't remember who now.

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