AMAZING 70mm 1950's CV Action - HiDEF
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Thread: AMAZING 70mm 1950's CV Action - HiDEF

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    AMAZING 70mm 1950's CV Action - HiDEF

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    Nice find! I love seeing these old films. Nothing quite like them.


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    It's a stunning piece of film from its era. The film is from 1962, but as my dad would tell me, '62/'63 felt very much like the last years of the 1950's.

    I like the views of the Skyraiders the most. I would absolutely love to have at least one detailed variant of the Skyraider in DCS. It is unfortunate that the development of the community/mod example seems to have come to a halt (though I know full well how that can happen).
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    That Film is a Masterpiece! What a Glorious age of Naval Aviation. At that time...the was never a doubt about the Greatness of America.

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