"Stack Gas" - 1964
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    "Stack Gas" - 1964

    Back in the day 'plane guard' meant breathing 'stack gas'. I envy today's crews, as the carriers are nuclear and the DDs and support ships don't burn bunker oil. Only the 'old salts' can really identify with 'stack gas'.

    A repaint of one of my squadrons helos from 1964.

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    Paint has been uploaded here at SOH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmbiii View Post
    Back in the day 'plane guard' meant breathing 'stack gas'.
    Same as riding in some of our older city buses.

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    I can still smell that sooty, sulphurous stack gas odor from my time aboard USS Coral Sea (CVA-43). Not only did it hang over the flight deck, it filtered down to the 02 level and stunk the place up big time. Some years ago one of our neighbors apparently had an inefficient-burning oil furnace in their home and if I went outside on a cold night my nose would give me a Coral Sea flashback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrZippy View Post
    Very familiar with it...Saratoga and Hancock! Med cruise and Wesrpac.
    +1 cough....cough.... loved the whites inspection on the flight deck of the Hanna.

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