Sabre External Tanks Experimentation
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Thread: Sabre External Tanks Experimentation

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    Sabre External Tanks Experimentation

    Experimenting with dents on these perfect tanks!

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    It certainly looks banged around, Rick! The material/graphics-engine capabilities with this sim are exceptional.

    Speaking of Sabres, and knowing you did a repaint of it for the Milviz F-86 - In a current thread on the Warbird Information Exchange forum about accuracy/inaccuracy of warbird paint schemes, it was recently pointed out that the markings on Paul Keppler's beautifully restored F-86, N50CJ, are not accurate to the scheme it is meant to portray. It is meant to be painted in the markings of the 435th FBS, and has the 435th badges/insiginias, but all of the red markings/trim are actually supposed to be green instead to correctly depict a 435th FBS Sabre. To his credit, Paul Keppler has said that he will be repainting the aircraft to correct this and will post some photos later this summer (his F-86 has been receiving a "phase two" restoration for about the past year and a half and will fly again later this year with the new markings). He also stated that the James Jabara name on the canopy frame will not be present anymore, as there is no connection to James Jabara and the 435th. This time around it is going to be painted to depict F-86F 24950/FU-950, as seen in the second photo below, with the three commander stripes.

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    I could go for that paint scheme John! yes, bumps are interesting. the visual only really works well from specific angles. I'm hoping from in pit it will look ok. Need to test it out.
    Commercial AS/MEL & Instrument
    Certified Airplane Nut

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