4477th Released
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    4477th Released

    Released Today. Available now at DCS User Files.

    Custom Pilot Suit, Patches, Exhaust RoughMets, Drag Chute, External Tanks RoughMet, and BORT number Enabled.



    Only for the updated Model from latest Patch of 2.5.6+
    -Uses the new paint kit.

    -Bort Number Enabled

    Commercial AS/MEL & Instrument
    Certified Airplane Nut

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    Great repaint! Looks like the real one!
    Would it be possible to make a shiny one for the F-104?

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    You mean like this?

    Commercial AS/MEL & Instrument
    Certified Airplane Nut

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    Absolutly, one of my favourite aircraft in an awesome finish.
    Is there a posibillity to obtain this repaint....just asking;-)

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