SIAI S-211 for Aerofly FS2 - Free Beta version
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Thread: SIAI S-211 for Aerofly FS2 - Free Beta version

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    SIAI S-211 for Aerofly FS2 - Free Beta version

    The Aerofly FS 2 section is a slightly unusual place for me to post things...but I just wanted to let AFS2 users know that I have released the Beta of the AFS2 version of my SIAI Marchetti S-211 for free on my blog.
    Thing is I have way too many projects on my desk and I do not think I'll ever find the time to complete it...or bring to an acceptable level for payware, so here is the latest build.
    Most of the gauges work, but radios and navigation equipment do not. Still, it should be good enough for a joy flight - and looks pretty good in the sim!

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    Yup, I'm spreading the info far and wide!

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    Thankyou Dino! I love this jet in P3D and fly it all the time. Very generous of you to release this for free in Aerofly FS2. I can't wait to try it out tonight.

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    An update for the free SIAI S-211 for Aerofly FS2 By Dino cattaneo has been released: Jan at Ipacs has got the gear working better now and cleaned up the controls (clickspots). Now you should be able to fly this aircraft in VR with VR hands. The most basic items are now interactive: stick, throttle, gear lever, flap lever, parking brake and a couple of knobs that worked earlier.

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    Thanks Dino... this looks great as your work always does!


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    really have enjoyed Using this Dino... thanks again


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    Dino posted an update to this plane; the latest AFS2 build broke one of the systems and it wasn’t loading properly.

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