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    Fx gold product key

    About To get My Great Grand Kid A Flight sim..our MICROSOFT FSX..Almost Fell Thru the Floor $$$$. At The Price today ..I have Two or more Sets Of the Sim the disks...Could Set him up, But its the PRODUCT KEYS which Prohibit me..An Old Question ,,Is There Way to Install Without the Product key. ..would make life Much CHEAPER.!...LOL!...Thnx

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    Is There Way to Install Without the Product key.
    Not that I'm aware of, no.
    IMO, and I know how you feel about them, FSX:SE is going to be you best option here. Or P3D, but SE is cheaper, even when it's not on sale. They have sales pretty often, so it's not hard to find it for $5.00-$10.00.

    No Product Key, though, the discs are pretty much good for Christmas Tree decorations. Or hang one off you car's rear-view mirror. Like all those AOL discs people used to get all the time.

    Good luck, though...
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    HA! HA! HA! YA GOT IT..Got three useless FSX DISK Sims Should Make a Nice Display..Thnx my friend...have fun...I ARE!

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    Don't throw the FSX dvd's away, there are people out there that have the product keys and packages but damaged their discs and can't reinstall. Ebay would get you a few bucks for good media discs from someone I think. I was surprised too on Amazon the FSX Gold with Acceleration going for over $150 at one point, when they used to be $29 or so.

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