P-80 Shooting Star
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    P-80 Shooting Star

    Look what has caught Rob Richardson's eye.



    edit: I have no idea if this P-80 would be for FSX or P3D.

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    Very interesting, it will be great to see robs interpretation of the shooting star, if he releases it I would also expect a T-33 companion for it not far behind.
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    I still have my Dinky Toys shooting star.


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    Quote Originally Posted by IFlySWA View Post
    . . . . .edit: I have no idea if this P-80 would be for FSX or P3D.
    If recent releases are any indicator, it will start out as a "P3D Only" release. He has mentioned when asked why that is, that P3D is his primary Sim now and he wants to move in that direction.
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