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Description: Here is the upgrade kit for the Mirage IIIE by J.E Narcizo, you need the original bird first.

Included: Aircraft.cfg to simulate IIIE.

Tweaked MDL's to add spec shine.

6 liveries by myself.

Panel.cfg with VC set up tests, you need rollus mirage 2000, mirage IV, Gmax acc mirage IIIV and Barney Bigard Vautour.

Gauges to make it work.

Isra Mirage IIIS slightly modified airfile to simulate the IIIE.

Kindly note all copyrights belong to their original authors, I only made the liveries and tweaked all the rest.


To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Mirage IIIE upgrade kit_BETA.zip
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