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    DXTbmp and Alpha Channel Help

    Can someone please tell me how to use DXTbmp? I need to fix the alpha channels for some dark VC glass. I already know that's the issue, but I'm at a loss using this program...

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    Start DXTBMP and on the right hand side select your image editor then do the following:

    1. Click on open, got to the texture folder with the offending glass texture, double click to open it in DXYBMP.
    2. Go to Image/Flip Image and Alpha. Click that. You won't see anything happen as it is usually a dark square but rest assured it does happen.
    3. In the top right hand corner is the Alpha Window. Click on the second icon (the one with the down arrow) to send the file to the editor.
    4. In the editor open the colour palette. This should be a palette with 256 squares with different shades from black (0) to white (255). Click on one of the black squares between 0 and 20 then save it (click on the disk icon)
    5. In the Alpha click on the refresh icon (up arrow) then repeat
    step 2.
    6. Go to File/Save As/DDS DDS Texture Then save as DXT5 (with Alpha).

    You will need trial and error to get the correct Alpha setting to make things visible through the glass.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks muchly from me too!
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