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  1. Hard Day Part 2

    Well, I got through yesterday OK. The drive up there was one of the worst parts.
    Felt like I had a 20 pound weight on my chest. Hard to breath, felt nauseous. Kind of a panic attack all most. Things felt better when I saw my brothers.
    Lots of people came in spite of the Packer game going on. Even childhood friends came.
    Lots of reminiscing. All the picture boards helped that along. My brother did a nice prayer service part at the end. My oldest brother is Monsignor Michael. ...
  2. One hard day ahead

    Attachment 27685Just feel like writing. In a couple hours I have to leave for my Mom's wake service.
    The funeral is tomorrow. Had to go out and buy a new suit because I couldn't fit in the one I had for my step-daughter's wedding. God that was only 3+ years ago. Not good.
    Oh well, thin suit... fat suit. One for any occasion.
    I always new this day would come. And I felt it was coming soon. Just didn't expect last Tuesday night. Thank God I was there.
    I keep telling ...

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  3. Canberra Exports: South America pack out now!

    Quote Originally Posted by nazca_steve View Post
    Hola to all old and new Canberra pilots!

    I'm pleased to announce the next installment of the ongoing Canberra series for FS9 is ready for download at the princely sum of $5.00 USD from the link below. This pack forms the fifth in the series, following on from the B.1, B.2, Bomber Power and Tugs and Trainers packs recently released. This pack is the first of three packs dedicated to overseas sales of the Canberra, starting with South American bomber canopy versions, and covers the
  4. Another USN Bird Neglected in Flight Sim

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Westcott View Post
    Attachment 25778

    Some nice close up shots, looks like a conversion of tracer to trader.

    Another nice shot

    A Jamming EC1A Trader?

    Apologies if some of the info is duplicated on previous posts

    I'm really new at this. For that matter this is my first computer game. Anyway, I really need some information:

    1. What CFS3 landing strip is the longest?

    2. Is there any way to have the Germans fly in a dedicated formation which would make them easier to shoot down?

    3. If on an intercept mission, how can I find the enemy's planes.

    4. If on an escort mission, how can I find the planes to escort?

    It is problematic as to whether ...