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  1. Heat blur effects for Razbam Prowler,and Invader

    Quote Originally Posted by MrZippy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by PhantomP View Post
    Hi Paul would those effects you point to be from Kirk Olsens FS2004 F-16?,and,they do work in fsx correct?Thanks
    I also have the Kirk Olsen F-16 with that effect. I'll look for the download and link it if I find it.
    Thank you MrZippy.
  2. panel

    Quote Originally Posted by ncooper View Post
    You will find a default cameras.cfg file in the FSX root folder.
    Copy it to C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX
    and let it overwrite the one that's already there.
    On most forums, I don't know about this one, typing in all upper case
    is seen as shouting.
    Nick, thanks for the input. That padding is still there. Not sure which way to go now. Like Joop, are we the only ones ?

    Much regards
  3. A question about Roy Chaffin's B25

    Quote Originally Posted by huub vink View Post
    Recently I have installed Roy Chaffin's B-25 as there is no other choice I had to use the auto installer. Today as I wanted to remove a few liveries I never use, I tried to find the model in the aircraft folder. Much to my surprise I could find the aircraft in the folder.

    I have done several searches, but the only aircraft which was found want the same B25 in my FSX install......... As I was puzzled I even installed the model in a temp folder. Nuch to my surprise it didn't show up there
  4. P3D v4 Screenshots

  5. 4 more Arleigh Burke class

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveB View Post
    You're very welcome V103

    I only ever use Nimitz, Ike and recently Ronald Reagan so I've only done the side numbers for their support units. There would have been more but I checked back on the site linked on this thread with a view to downloading a couple more and it's gone dead. I'm not a Facebook person and I guess FB links are time limited.

    Glad you're enjoying the variety anyway
    Maybe somebody that knows the author of that FB ...