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  1. Trimming the ORBX Lancair?

    Quote Originally Posted by jakegazzard View Post
    Hey guys, how do you trim the lancair? cheers!!!
    For me she needs a lot of down trim after take off,once trimmed and cut back on throttle and condition lever,she will fly level,but I wish it didn't need that much down trim.
  2. Canberra B.2 freeware pack out now!

    Quote Originally Posted by nazca_stevw View Post
    Hello all!

    Well, at long last the first of the new Canberra series for FS9 is ready for download. This is the aforementioned freeware B.2 release, sort of a 'taste test' as it were.

    The rest of the packs will be released as payware (but will not hurt your budgets!) as a rolling release from this point on. Originally, the release was planned as one big issue, but due to life circumstances, it will now be released
  3. P-61 rumblings

    A friend of mine died today, run down by some guy in a car that didnt think he should have to slow down. My friends 16 year old daughter was also hit. She's in ICU.
    Somehow over 3 gigs of gauges got deleted from my gauges folder. good thing there was a backup.
    The plane works perfectly n my machine, but another person is having problems. I have to wonder what the difference is.. I need Delata558 to get his eyes on this thing and shred it. He's the best tester in the world, literally, ...

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  4. SOH P-61 project

    Quote Originally Posted by warchild View Post
    ok.. Sent Crashaz an email wondering if he's ok.. he hasnt been on since sept. 1st so hopefully things are ok and he'll recieve it..
    progress notes..

    esterday i was working on smoothing out the curves for the control surfaces to make controling the aircraft more precise and closer to realistic. I say closer because we only have anologies to work with from pilots and observers. I believe i have done ok with them but time will tell.. Today it was about props and getting ...
  5. L-39C beta - suggestions and bug reports

    [QUOTE=Felixthreeone;473281]HOLY CRAP!!!!!! AWESOME! THANK YOU VIT!!!!! I had almost written this off....wooooooohoooooo!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!![/QUOTE]

    Indeed! Thank you so much! Been waiting for this one!! :)