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    No borrowered comp. no more public comp. finally got new one with all the bell and whistles. We are now no longer going through comp. withdrawles. Here is what we xps studio 7100 .

  2. After the gold rush

    I suppose i should update this blog.. Really there isnt a lot i can say in here that isnt said in the P-61 thread.. They tell me that spring is gonna be late this year. Up here in oregon where spring doesnt come until june. that isnt a good thing, especially when you aint so young any more and you got a body that likes to complain about every little change in weather.. Well, whatever.. Nothing i can do about the weather.

    I'm hoping to retire this year. I mean really retire. Watch ...
  3. Why Drunks go unscathed

    They are drunk. They tend to be loose and fail to naturally braace on impact. It is the tensing of muscles in anticipation of an accident that pulls muscles and breaks bones. Makes complete sense once you know!
  4. Walking the Path

    Throughout my life I have had several instances that have made me a believer in the concept of ghosts. This is the most interesting instance of them all.

    Although it has been many years now since this event happened in my life, the memory of it is embedded in my brain. The names and places have not been changed to protect anyone. These events are how I remember them.

    I was 21 years old when I went to work for my uncle’s family owned lawn and garden business.
    Non Fiction , Ghost Stories
  5. Day 1 of From Here On

    The funeral mass was really something. 26 priests and deacons. 2 Bishops and a lot of people.

    From all the people that turned out for the visitation/wake over two days and all the people that came to the funeral, it appears that Mom was loved and admired by many.

    It was very cold at the cemetery. It was hard to watch the casket being lowered and the vault top put on. Although I know that Mom isn't in there. Only her earthly body. Still the thing that I couldn't ...