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  1. Iris Raptor Available at Flightsim Store

    Quote Originally Posted by Smoothie View Post
    off the top of my head Noddy... i think you have to turn the APU switch back to off but i'll test that now for you and report back... :salute:
  2. May have problem with mosquito gauge bombsight

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostrider View Post
    Got a screenshot?

    I don't know how to download a screenshot. However, The bottom edge of the gunsight is covered by the panel and the view is above the horizon. If you need more info, let me know!

  3. Will There Ever Be re-paints For Manfred's C-47?

    Quote Originally Posted by Smoothie View Post
    the fsx ones once resized should fit if i recall...

    i'm working (slowly) on a Hellenic Air Force C-47 in typical Camo might be a while though due to R/W commitments recently...
    :violent: WIP?
    Looking forward to that Matt! I'm working (slooooowly) on some sounds too! How about Tom Gibson's C-46 in Hellenic Air Force camo too? That's also one very nice piece of machinery. They'd go down a treat at Sedes AB. sorry!...just love the new icons
  4. Question to the cfs2 gurus out there.

    Hello to you all
    Good job to all the people that have created cfs2 addons that have really made cfs2 come alive.
    My question is what does the numbers mean in the location of the Exhaust flames and how do I add this effect to the cfs2 Val and Kate, as well as Wolfi's Sb2d-4_Helldiver.
    Do the location numbers mean position up, down and over or what Please help I am not a cfs2 Guru yet I know that you guys have all made this game into the best even better than Flight simulator ...
  5. PTO CFS3 SOLOMON-No Go on pearl Hearbor

    Quote Originally Posted by popsaka View Post
    Hi, O.T.... nice lookin' skin on that Betty... is she still Japanese?
    Attachment 33719

    Here is the Corrected G4m betty by Major Magee.
    With his permission I have built a standalone that does NOT conflict with any Aircraft.
    Thank you to all involved with this aircraft to the AV History group and
    to Major Magree for this great skin..<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o></o>