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  1. C47_v2 Silver texture

    Hello, I am a newcommer to this site, and I need some help.When I install the silver livery, I get a black panel... And I don't understand what can be wrong .Thanks in advance for your help.

    Your suggestions will be welcome !

    Kinds regards
  2. Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio, USA

    Had a conference in Columbus today; finished early so I zipped over on I-70 to Dayton. Got to the museum at 4...they close at 5...quick walkthrough to the early section and there she was...the collection's Boeing P-26 Peashooter in 18th PS colors! Hard to believe this was once a combat aircraft!!! Anyway I was shooed out by the veteran volunteers...I guess they wanted to go home...such an awesome place, any only 2 hours away.
    One day day I WILL make the trip down to Naval Aviation ...
  3. CFS3 Air Plain Design

    I tried that from the sticky thread and even installed directx9 sdk with no luck. Its unable to find directx on a 64bit/x86 system.

    Quote Originally Posted by hairyspin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JollyGreen007 View Post
    CFS3 MOS File Editor of Combat Flight Simulator 3 SDKs wants to load directx 9 file, but my system has directx 11 installed. Is there a way around this.
    Yes there is: check the Knowledge Base sticky thread above.
  4. stuff never released by Foute Man

    Quote Originally Posted by Foute Man View Post

    i was wondering if there's any interest in never released cfs 3 addons by me. i've made a lot of files for never released projects. unfortunately i had some bad luck several years ago, a computer just died and an external hd crashed; i lost several cfs 3 installs, including the bulk of the stuff i was working on.
    i managed to retrieve some files, including most of my templates. most of the hex-edited aircraft, ships and vehicles were lost, although some of this stuff was
  5. Willy Jeep Repaint link issues

    [QUOTE=FSX68;825385]I have received emails from some of you that the zip file would say invalid file or something of the sort
    SO here is the direct link to my Willys Jeep Repaints:

    Sorry for the botched link in the original SOH Download link[/QUOTE]