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  1. Tom Allensworth Memorial Flight

    The Tom Allensworth memorial flight will be help this weekend May 2nd at 0900 Pacific time.
    For anyone interested in joining in the flight, use the link below to sign up......
    You will also need the following airport to land at......This is a BETA version, that was being created by Joe Bowers. This airport is where Tom Allensworth called his home....
    I will be starting a new post at AVSIM with all the information needed for the flight, and will post it here as well....
  2. Flying stations Sea Hawk dowloads

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveWG View Post
    Steve's original site seems to be working again.
    Thanks again all,I'll get to downloading these beauties.
  3. Problem with RFN ship the Georges Leygues using aicarriers

    Quote Originally Posted by hae5904 View Post
    No sorry, not having such problem.
    All ships made by RFN show up normal.
    Is the ship in your simobjects/boats directory? Have you checked your AI carrier config file?

    Yes,I picked apart the configure,and I couldn't see any errors,and thanks for the reply.
  4. Alpha Mig-23 In The Works

    Quote Originally Posted by dvslats View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kelticheart View Post
    Forgive my ignorance, but I am better informed about earlier years of aviation history, were MiG23's ever met in combat by Western planes?
    Perhaps in Vietnam? As far as I know only MiG21s, 19s and 17s were flown by the North Vietnamese.
    Hi Stef, and thank you.

    In regards to combat by Western planes, there was the Gulf of Sidra incident.

    The majority of the others I have read about involve Egypt and the IAF Mirage.
    A lot of middle eastern countries
  5. An addon for placing slingloads for helicopters

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Torkington View Post
    Yes, it's very possible but I doubt there's an Addon available.

    This post should help

    I followed instructions in the tutorial and managed to adapt it just fine with a heap of patience and re-reading.

    My buddies and I had fun and games trying to pick up crates etc. from shore to Carrier [or any hardened deck for that matter] and rescue drowning people from the