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  1. Aerosoft F-14 Extended Released

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnC View Post
    PS: Thinking about it a little more. There is a gear lever lock switch just to the left of the lever, if that was accidentally flipped when you were trying to click the lever, then it might explain why it was stuck.
    Had the same issue yesterday with the throttle levers. Engine power was increasing but levers not moving. Reloaded FSX and everything was working...

    Just had a little succesfull flight from Bremen to Hamburg and now everything seems to be Ok.

    Really ...
  2. Virtavira Phantom F-4 freeware Carrier Ops

    Quote Originally Posted by ian elliot View Post
    Ive try'd some of the Simvation upgrade's and im afraid i dont rate them much, i wouldn't bother with them, your best bet is the panel upgrade's by Jafo, here in the SOH library, lights and afterburner improvements are also included in the panel package's, and you might want to check out Nigel Richards F-4 sounds, originally for FS9 but works perfect in FSX

    cheers ian
    Thanks Ian.
  3. SimWorks Studios F-4B Phantom II

    Quote Originally Posted by Peg o my heart View Post
    Lol. And I know this may sound a bit awkward, but how is the model compared to the "other" Phantom?
  4. FSX Screenshots Here!!

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveB View Post
    John Dibbs would be proud of those shots of the P-51 JT

    Chipshop.. your PR running a bit hot? Nice shots

    Just a tad Dave; forgot to put on oxygen above 12,000ft; so went a bit squiffy, recovered my composure at a lower altitude! Phew!
  5. For Rami : YS2_F1M2x_panel

    Hi Rami
    Sorry : I made a mistake and uploaded twice the same panel folder with2 differents images (2D and VC views)
    I fact, the good folder is the "silver" F1M2 panel (wich is not specific for "silver bird"...)

    Please can you suppress the "YS2 F1M2x green panel" (the one with th VC image) and renane the other "YS2_F1M2x_panel"
    Thank you in advance