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  1. Empty Seats

    Lynn and Bill had it right. Eighteen years on and Magic One still lives in my hangar next to an orange Luscombe and a chubby Tri-Pacer. They’re all a little dated, maybe a little ragged, but beguiling as ever and overflowing with a seductive passion that keeps me spellbound. There was a time when Flight Simulator grew stale and I almost walked away forever. Those lovingly crafted beauties pulled me back with charm and a smile. That was flying.

    Someone here said that Lynn and Bill ...
  2. ARS4 radar gauge in Razbam Prowler

    Quote Originally Posted by dhasdell View Post
    If that was me you meant on the Venom then maybe they were the originals and worked, but I certainly had to edit them for the Gannet and Swordfish. I remember an oval display needing to be edited to make it circular, and also size and position issues.
    Oops!mybad,I just realized it was you dhasdell,that posted the Coordinates for the ARS4 fo the Sea venom,sorry about that Victory103,dhasdell if you could please post a few more of your different planes panel configs with the ARS4 installed,I can figure ...
  3. IRIS F-15E 'Mudhen Driver' WIP Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Smudge View Post
    So I've decided to create a single thread for Q&A on the upcoming IRIS F-15E 'Mudhen Driver' product... I cleared it with the admins, so not to get confused, people can post their info, screenshots etc in here in once nice place for me to monitor and answer.

    So to start, here's a cool youtube vid I did earlier (Note that the Ground Power Control Panel is shown in use for demonstration purposes and we are aware that it is not part of the normal operating procedures.),
  4. Heat blur effects for Razbam Prowler,and Invader

    Quote Originally Posted by MrZippy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by PhantomP View Post
    Hi Paul would those effects you point to be from Kirk Olsens FS2004 F-16?,and,they do work in fsx correct?Thanks
    I also have the Kirk Olsen F-16 with that effect. I'll look for the download and link it if I find it.
    Thank you MrZippy.
  5. panel

    Quote Originally Posted by ncooper View Post
    You will find a default cameras.cfg file in the FSX root folder.
    Copy it to C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX
    and let it overwrite the one that's already there.
    On most forums, I don't know about this one, typing in all upper case
    is seen as shouting.
    Nick, thanks for the input. That padding is still there. Not sure which way to go now. Like Joop, are we the only ones ?

    Much regards