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  1. WV-903's Avatar
    Hi Dave,
    Just now seen this article of yours, as I finally got my password and am in here with Pauls help. I concur with what you saw, as back in 1969, I was a SNCO in RAF up at RAF Valley, Anglesey,UK and after an evening in airmens Club as a guest I was walking back from there, on to main road, turn right ,then, short few yds. turn part right again, up a small hill to Sgts Mess. This rise was up a narrow road for around 35 yds. the road was bounded on both sides by a Welsh stone wall either side. On the right was an empty field and on the left a path paralleling road to station Sick Quarters, the area leading to SSQ was mowed grass type of lawn otherwise. So you had an un-interrupted view of this road and both other sides of wall from main road. This would be around midnite time.

    I turned right from Airmens area, onto main road, walking at a brisk speed and in front of me was a man also walking in my direction, getting close to the Sgts Mess road. He was some 6 ft tall, thinnish dressed in trousers ,shirt and a cloak around his shoulders that came down to his waist. He had hair on his head and looked to be in his 30's. I was catching him up fast and got to within 10 ft of him and realised I might startle him as I went past, as he didn't seem to realize I was there. so I slowed down and kept pace and as i was just turning into the Sgts Mess road a car coming towards me on full headlights, was blinding me, so I turned away from it and when I resumed walking onto road, there was no sign of that man anywhere. He wasn't in field on right , or on grass lawn on left and he could never have got to top of hill in that very short time, as the dazzling by headlights only lasted a few secs. as the car swept by at a good speed. It had to be a ghost, although he looked real enough. I've thought about this incident a lot over the years and as we live in a 3rd (dense ) dimension and "heaven" has to be in 5th dimension, then folks who've passed on and are stuck in 4th dimension are sometimes seen by us. Have quite a few pals who've had similar experiences. Quite why these souls go out of dimension I guess will not be understood till we ourselves move on from 3rd. as we surely will. So worry about it all not. Cheers M8.

    Bill T WINCO