View Full Version : Steam Link controller compatibility (or lack thereof)

Navy Chief
February 28th, 2016, 17:06
If any members with SOH have a Steam Link, please contact me via PM, or reply to this post. I am trying very hard to figure out how to connect my Saitek X52 Pro to the Link. Long story. I am able to use my controllers, hooked up with a 33 ft. active USB cable. But I believe there may be a way to use the controllers with the Link, directly, maybe with FSUIPC.

The Steam website has a lot of discussions about the Link, but nothing definitive has been posted about plans for adding compatibility for joystick controllers, such as the Saitek models. They do suggest using a 3rd party addon program called Virtual Here, which I could not get to work; hence the need for the powered USB cable.

Just wondering if any of you folks bought the Steam Link, and if so, what your success with it has been like.


April 26th, 2016, 13:24
Try plugging the controller into the USB port on the Link, instead of the computer.