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January 4th, 2016, 09:42
I finally drank the kool-aid and installed FSX-SE on my aging computer. Actually the initial installation seemingly went well. I didn't opt for a dual installation with boxed FSX so I deleted it but backed up the old files on an outboard drive

I went to my account at the Flight Sim store and re-downloaded my NA North California and Monterey airport sceneries. The installer only gave me an FSX choice. Not FSX-SE. At first the path pointed to the old FSX location but the FlightOne FS_Registry_Repair.exe tool re-directed the path to the FSX-SE folder in Steam.

When I tried to re-install my ORBX NA scenery I ran into problems. First of which was FTX Central V2. I could see the files in the Scripts folder but when I clicked on ftxcentral2_setup.exe I got the error screen. I did unzip in ftxc2_localdata.zip file to see if it made any difference but the error persisted.

Since I was not having any luck with the scenery I decided to ignore instructions to the contrary and tried to install FTXORBXLIBS_151213. This gave me a sharing violation (will I receive a summons from ORBX because of these?) I also had sharing violations with the attempted Monterey airport install. After the install failed I had to go to cntrl-alt-delete to actually close the installers.

So I spent the better part of last week trying to troubleshoot this with the ever helpful Nick Cooper on the ORBX forum but in spite of a re-install of all the .Net frameworks and TweakFS, I have had no luck. Nick said that FTXCentral V2 requires .Net 4.5 and 4.5 will not install on XP. He sent me an old copy of FTX Central V1 but it too would not install and gave me similar sharing violations.

I am a financially and medically grounded RW aviator that has done most of my flying in the Southern California region. I was anxious to get this ironed out so I can add ORBX SoCal to my scenery, but perhaps I'm just screwed on this and I should just enjoy what I've got.

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January 31st, 2016, 22:14

I think you need to get rid of any trace of boxed version FSX before installing the Steam version, that is if you're not doing a dual install.

I uninstalled FSX boxed, and then used a registry tool, the FSX Registry Utility from: http://www.tweakfs.com/store/free_tools_module.php

You can identify any traces of FSX in the registry using this tool, and then delete them. If you then install FSX Steam, it should be recognised as FSX Steam. Alternatively, you could follow the pinned posts in the ORBX FSX Steam Edition support forums for other installation options, which include using the ORBX registry tool to call your FSX Steam Edition FSX Boxed edition.



Navy Chief
February 4th, 2016, 06:19

Did you have any success? I am wanting to install the PNW scenery, but haven't yet. NC

February 6th, 2016, 08:51
I did finally get FTX Central V1 installed and working. I then installed PNW and NorCal NCA. I did not purchase SoCal because it required .Net 4.5. I have no idea if that requirement is simply for FTX Central V2 or the whole scenery but it was too much of a financial gamble so I did not chance it. The real stumbling block for me was finding the correct scenery.cfg path for FTX Central. It is very different from Win7 to XP.

Scott is correct in that I ended up using both registry tools he referenced. I did uninstall the boxed version of FSX as I didn't want more confusion and possible problems. I am very happy with the performance of Steam.