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October 9th, 2015, 20:44
Hey All,

I am into more than just FS. Photography, guitars and hunting guns are other favorites.

Here is a pic of my old faithful Browning BLR in 30-06 and it's newest younger sibling as of a day ago a 7mm-08. In the pics you can see the rifles - 30-06 on the left 7MM-08 on the right. Ditto the cartridges. Nosler ballistic tip in 30-06 on the left Hornady SST in 7MM-08 on the right. Sorry for the crappy pic - phone camera - not good light. I'll see if I can post better this weekend.

Anyone else into hunting?


October 10th, 2015, 08:46
murderer!!!!!!! just thought id be the first to be a wienie,ha...i dont hunt,mater of fact if i had to kill my own food,id be a vegitarian or vegan.........god forbid.......thank god for ranches and butchers......i have a cousin who hunts often,i dont care for what he does though,he kills animals he would never eat just for fun.like his dog treed a raccoon one time,he then proceeded to throw rocks at it..when i asked why..he replied...cause i can.....so i pelted him with rocks...yeah we were both udults acting like cheldren,he told his folks i was throwing rocks at him for no reason (we were camping) so i told his dad ,also an avid hunter what mark was doin,his dad said...so?..so i threw rocks at him too!! made for a tense week...lol..but we all got over it and laugh about it now.

i also dont like the game taste,my sister does,has a fond taste for deer,venison? and rabbit.i dont tell anyone i know hunting is wrong,even for sport,but i do draw the line at cruelity.

October 11th, 2015, 03:29
I gave up on hunting. Too much residential and commercial development, too little land, and hunting on public land results in being accidentally shot at... or shot.

November 13th, 2015, 13:30
I don't hunt, never have, but usta do a LOT of target shooting.

- Ivan.

November 13th, 2015, 15:32
Deer is alright. I like Elk myself. I got a taste for it when I was in Wyoming. Sadly none up here.

I have a Savage model 210 .30-06, left hand bolt. I'd like to get a .30-30 Marlin as its a better brush gun. The big thing up here is Archery. Which I also do.

I think the deer laugh at me when I bow hunt. Then hide during rifle season. I see them everywhere during bow season and then not at all during rifle. Maybe thats why I like fishing better.