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May 8th, 2015, 05:52
If I understand this right , FSX SE is not fully DX10 compliant yet . I understand that Steve's Fixer works well but I'm not sure if want to go that route as I got rid of FSX initially because of " tweaking burnout ." I bit the bullet and picked up FSX SE and have to admit , FSX is much smoother and a lot of the errors have been fixed . I'm impressed . Since FSX SE is the only FSX installed , ORBX stuff installs without problems . I still have P3D v2.5 and thoroughly enjoy it but I missed the Vietnam War Project and all the other excellent WWII scenery which didn't work well with P3D . Exception being Mark's excellent Solomon Islands which I think he developed on P3D . Now I can use MAAM's B-25 which makes me happy . I've missed it . From what I've gathered and tried to understand about DX9 vs DX10 & 11 is that DX10 is not just an upgraded DX9 , it's a whole different ball game . This where P3D really shined among many , many other things it improved on . Okay , done rambling now just wondered if FSX SE is ever going to be fully DX10 compliant in the near future ?


May 8th, 2015, 06:25
In respect of Dx10, FSX Steam is, as far as I am aware, just the same as FSX.
Steve Parsons has gone to some considerable trouble to make the Fixer work
with the Steam version and in my experience, with complete success.
Also, in my experience, FSX Steam needs no tweaking at all.