View Full Version : Premier Aircraft Design C-27J Spartan ?

October 16th, 2008, 04:15
Wow !

Firstly :

Thanks to premier Aircraft Design for this superb Buffalo
and to stay faithful to FS2004 !

I just flown it and it is just like the real thing including
the "mowing" sound.

You can fly full flaps 100 Knts steep approaches, land
the aircraft and apply reverse thrust ( F2 key ) for
very very very short landings.

It is also possible to park the airplane "backward" on a
tarmac just like the real bird by using light F2 / F3 keys.

Secondly :

I am just hoping that the next "Premier" project will be the
Buffalo's succesor for the Canadian Air Force SAR duties :

The C-27J Spartan ;

take a look at :
http://www.c-27j.ca/c-27j-features-and-capabilities (http://www.c-27j.ca/c-27j-features-and-capabilities)

I start this tread to let us invite Premier to do this FS2004 project.
Thanks for your support by replying to it !

Richard Westcott
October 16th, 2008, 06:00
That would be nice!

To keep you busy though there is a repaint of Mr Ito's G222 on fsdownload, search for G222 to get the base model and C27 for the repaint.