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May 7th, 2009, 10:47
I've had some good results from some here that know their stuff.

This one is a long shot, but maybe someone can tell me what vehicle it's made for?

If not, thanks for looking anyway!!

What I have is a speaker ring w/grille
It's made from cast aluminum for a 6" x 9" speaker
Molded into the aluminum are four (one at each corner so to speak) 8-32 screw threads w/wing-nuts, and are approx 1-1/8th inches long

I'm kinda thinking it's for the rear-deck of a car...but which one?


May 7th, 2009, 13:43
Is there a part number stamped somewhere on the back?

May 8th, 2009, 07:53
sorry OleBoy, I can't help you with the grill,
but I just noticed that you are in Belfair.
I'm in Sequim.
is the Bridge closure effecting you?

May 8th, 2009, 08:02
I'd say it was pretty stock on most older cars of the time ... hard to decide which one though ...

Early Chevy.

They also used the same design for speakers in the doors ...

May 8th, 2009, 08:20
Aeronca - There is no part number on it.

Smilo -- Can't say the closure is affecting me too badly yet. I do everything I can to avoid going that way!!

Snuffy -- That's what I was thinking too....early Chevy. I like your avatar. I have signs on my property that say "Smile..I take my best shots through Leica optics"

Thanks for the help fellas.

May 17th, 2009, 17:36
Just saw this and I'm thinking it could be for a Pontiac package try too. Maybe for the early big cars like GPs, Catalinas, Belairs, Impallas. But then again, it could also go in a Ford. Without a part number it's too hard to tell.

You could go to a car show with it to try and match it up that way. Hard to tell in the picture, but if it's in good condition you might get 20 bucks or more for it.

May 20th, 2009, 17:04
Looks more like a rear valence speaker bezel for those old AM hi-fi mono radios. Could be used for twin rear speakers too I suppose.

Style actually is pretty generic between all of the American Big Three during the 50s.