View Full Version : RFN ghost gauge

October 14th, 2023, 14:28
So far, the only aircraft I have been able to successfully install the RFN carrier gauge in is my F-14 Tomcat. I have other carrier capable aircraft i.e. F-15 and Grumman Greyhound and Hawkeye. When I try to pull up the gauge in these aircraft, it shows up in the instrument panel pulldown menu, but when I click on it one of two things happen.
(1) The screen flashes and no gauge appears. or (2) an empty black box appears where the guage should be. Anyone else having this problem or have a solution? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Cees Donker
October 14th, 2023, 21:39
It can be two things: check which version you installed, there's a 32 bits and a 64 bits version. See the manual for this, it's very thorough! The second probable factor why the gauge doesn't appear is that the avionics systems have to be on. Check if that's okay.

Hope this helps,