View Full Version : Avatars!

August 25th, 2020, 04:19
Although this is not MSFS, but would be cool to see this kind of avatar animations.


August 25th, 2020, 05:56
I want the doors to open!!!!

August 25th, 2020, 06:09
As I pointed out in the legacy aircraft thread discussing the point that canopies and doors don't open ( :banghead: )...

In rooting around in the files, I also saw references to handle for canopy opening. My guess, based on their saying their working on the SDK and tools for converting aircraft, that they're still working on activating functionality.

Given that some animations work, but not this one, and you'd think opening a canopy is about as simple as it gets for animations, I'm wondering if your suggestion about Avatar animation may not be far off from reality, and the reason it's not currently working is they're working on some further functionality like that?