View Full Version : Purchased the Sim - whereis the download?

August 18th, 2020, 16:07
Hi guys can anyone advise? I purchased the sim just now, payment went through, however no download is happening. No instruction either. What am I not doing right?


August 18th, 2020, 18:50
Microsoft store says, not available. In Canada anyway, I guess I'll wait a little longer. I've waited this long what's another couple of days, right? Any other Canadians get their order yet?

August 18th, 2020, 19:58
Yes, a Canadian here, and I did start to see the product download. It was so slow, that I had to curtail the download after 5 hours. Next day, I tried to restart the download, but without any visible success. I had an icon in the Start menu, entitled "Microsoft Flight Simulator", but pressing this was a total waste of time. I tried going through the Microsoft Store, found my purchase, and a button to press, but again, pressing this button was a waste of time... it did nothing. The problem for me is that I don't even know where the executable is, so all I can do is press buttons that don't seem to do anything. I'm so fed up with the installation process, that I've requested a refund. I've installed hundreds, if not thousands, of apps in my time from way back in the old Windows 3.1 up to Windows 10 Pro, and I have never come across such a problematic install. So it's Goodbye MSFS and welcome back P3D

August 19th, 2020, 06:22
Sorry to hear that gdavej. Since this is the release date, we have to be a little patient. Seems the Microsoft team is dealing with these issues and honestly, things can only improve from this point. I don't mind the glitches, I'm still excited to be a part of the new simulator. I hope you reconsider.
Well, I can report I waited, and kept checking back, logging into my Microsoft account as my order said paid for, that I "owned the game" but that it was not available. Well on my 10th attempt around 1am on the 19th, it was available and the install button was lit up! I pressed, and have been downloading since last night. This morning I had 14gig and the total is 94gig. I have a ways to go still. And as a side note, a bit of a shocker that the premium deluxe simulator costs $183. Oh well, I'm on my way - no regrets!