View Full Version : "Pre-Release Testing Program" - Post Launch

July 30th, 2020, 16:16
In today's development update by Microsoft, they state:

"With the release of Closed Beta, the Pre-Release Testing program is just getting started. We will have many new opportunities for pre-release testing post launch, and the team is working on finalizing our plans/timeline in order to share with you post launch."

https://www.flightsimulator.com/july-30th-2020-development-update/?fbclid=IwAR19RYlf3hFSITuAPa6waVNPggBEp8aRQNiaWaZy JFVnAD_jo3mnQdBJ6Yw

As was also made public today, Microsoft will release various updates over time. These will include World Updates, Sim Updates and a handful of Paid DLC packages. The World Updates will be released free every 2-3 months, featuring updates to the Bing satellite/aerial imagery, photogrammetry, more hand-crafted airports, more landing challenges and more tutorials. The Sim Updates will be released free every 2-3 months as well, which will bring new features and various improvements to the sim. The Paid DLC will be for big feature addons such as helicopters, and the physics modeling to do it properly. The developers (Asobo/Microsoft) have described wanting to do quite a number of helicopters. I believe they also spoke on wanting to bring gliders into the sim too.