View Full Version : Are any military bases represented in FS2020?

May 19th, 2020, 12:16
Just curious as to how, if any at this point, military bases are being portrayed. Military vehicles? Too soon to know 100% I'm sure. As we all know FSX default representations of military bases were a moot point to say the least and it was thanks to the handful of scenery Devs, aircraft and ship builders etc who saved the day. Will it be the same for FS2020? Just curious as to how that is progressing if at all. Thanks

p.s. Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to ALL Devs who have provided so much to this community over the years and have shared their hard work over 3 plus decades so far as freeware. And thanks to all who have figured out all the magical coding and all needed apps to use to make it happen for all of us.

And now it all begins yet again.

May 24th, 2020, 14:02
If anyone around here gets hold of the new SDK - then we'll have Military Bases.
And Military aircraft. Good, solid, well-made Military Aircraft; that fly like they should.

It's going to be wonderful. Don't you worry about that :-)

The talent for aircraft design/ build/ deployment in the Outhouse is legendary.
We're about to enter our golden era.

While the rest of the forums fret about frames on the A320 doing boring European 4 Sector days on their imaginary rostas - there are designers here already working out how to blow our minds. Stearman on PBR, Milton Shupe looking at Gmax and thinking...and all the other great Devs here just looking/ researching, we're in such good company. It's a privilege to have found this place, at this time, at this point in time. To be on this forum.
The geniuses of Flight Sims are all here.

And they're going to do it.

And we're going to love it.

May 24th, 2020, 15:30
I've flown in and out of KEDW, and KVPS and they are pretty good. And you are right, once we are able to develop with the SDK the scenery will follow. For now the "info" isn't ready to develop from just yet.

May 24th, 2020, 23:42

I so appreciate your enthusiasm in your response Ganter...and I wholeheartedly agree as I too am beyond excited as this is a whole new arena available to us and in short time considering how long many of us have been simming (about 26 years for me). After seeing what is presently available through just a few posted clips around the net how could anyone NOT get excited about where this community is headed? And you are so correct sir it is indeed a privilege to have found this place (twice for me actually). I have learned so much here at SOH and over many years now. And over a few sims too.

"And they're going to do it. And we're going to love it". Pure motivational poetry! "We're about to enter our golden era." Indeed we are!


"I've flown in and out of KEDW, and KVPS and they are pretty good."

Well you just answered my question Doc. I was just curious considering the world/nations with their own different levels of concerns of their national security. Considering the present day and age in worldwide terms, I wondered if they would allow any facsimiles of any military bases at all. Now I know.

Thank you both. Take good care and be safe gentlemen.