View Full Version : And now for something completely different

February 27th, 2020, 09:05
I have been experimenting with a new method of taking in-flight photos of my scale models. I now use a back lit desktop for my background image. These are some shots I took of my 1/72 scale MPM kit of the Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket recently. Lots of scratch-built and add-on resin goodies, including the engines and pilot. I have always loved the look of the short-nose version. With those huge engine nacelles, to me it just looks like some kid wearing his father's shoes, LOL.


February 27th, 2020, 18:01
Takes me way back to the days when I was a kid reading 'Blackhawk' comics'.
Nicely done Caz.
Last time I attempted anything like this (Eons ago) I failed miserably!

huub vink
March 14th, 2020, 12:39
I like it Cazz, it has something surrealistic. Good aircraft choice!