View Full Version : RTL1090 ADS-B At Home "Radar" Hobby

May 19th, 2018, 16:40

What you see here in the image is RTL1090 software that 'sees' any aircraft transmitting full Mode-S output from the aircraft. It can be any type and variant of aircraft flown equipped with the ADS-B hardware (2020 FAA future requirement). The hardware I use is the Flightaware ProStick (Orange) https://flightaware.com/adsb/prostick/

I usually get a 70nm egg shaped pattern, indoor antenna, toward the east to north east. Traffic flow varies hour by hour and day by day. 1-22 planes any given time.

I mentioned about it in another post a few days ago and wanted to share a little about it here in the hobby section.

It's a inexpensive hobby I encourage enthusiasts that have dual hobby's like me, flight sim and radio enthusiasts. When i say radio enthusiasts I am referring to the whole spectrum 40khz through 2 ghz plus.

ADS-B center frequency is 1090mhz or 1.09ghz. It has a 2mhz wide band pass. It won't work with any type of radio scanner in existence. It must be a software defined radio because SDR is very friendly to wide banded signals. Typical range on the ground is 300 miles using a omni-directional antenna 60 ft agl.

If you're interested and need help please reply. If you already have the hobby let's share.:wavey: