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  • gray eagle's Avatar
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  • p14u2nv's Avatar
    Today, 14:53
    Thank you very much Duckie. These new skins sure look great. Fine job indeed sir.
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  • fsafranek's Avatar
    Today, 14:48
    fsafranek replied to a thread P3D_V4 Tacan v5.0 Question in Prepar3D
    I created two entries in the \Gauges\RFN_Carrier.xml file using your image above. It works perfectly with all of the fields in the gauge filled with information. Do you have all of those "what is it" notes in parenthesis included in your xml file? If so that might be the issue. <!-- VVCR Cam Ranh Bay 2R --> <Carrier Name="Cam Ranh Bay 2R 94X" CarrierType="2" Category="FCLP USN" Frequency="114.70" Language="US"
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 14:39
    DennyA replied to a thread Captain Sim 777 in MSFS (FS2020)
    Was reading impressions on the main MSFS forum. Apparently the model looks good, but there are signs (such as the APU exhaust) that it's just a portover of the P3D 777 model and not enhanced significantly for MSFS. Systems are from the 747 to the point that some displays show four engines. Apparently some advertised animations, such as wing flex, aren't obviously working. For $30, I'm okay with it not being survey-level. I'm generally happy with a couple of survey-level planes and appreciate the other stuff being easier to fly, so I have A32NX and the CRJ to scratch that itch. But this one sounds like it still needs some tweaks to avoid frustration even at the reasonable price. So gonna wait for some video reviews and probably some enhancements before jumping in. CS has made...
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  • FireStorm II's Avatar
    Today, 14:34
    Thanks for this Threedp, and Scott-approved ! Cheers all.
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  • Txmmy83's Avatar
    Today, 14:13
    Txmmy83 replied to a thread Captain Sim 777 in MSFS (FS2020)
    so what can be expected? F-Lite like system depth or slightly above? but what makes this offer symphatic is the price tag
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  • hardlucksam's Avatar
    Today, 14:12
    hardlucksam replied to a thread P3D_V4 Tacan v5.0 Question in Prepar3D
    Gentlemen, I just don't know what to say. Thank you both so much. The compass works as it should. I am *beginning* to give up. Do you see any problems here? In the map you see VVCRR and VVCRL. In ADE, it would not let me compile with 2 VOR/DME named VVCR. Still no text showing in P3Dv4 with this setup. I will reboot machine to see if that helps.
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  • fsafranek's Avatar
    Today, 13:48
    fsafranek replied to a thread P3D_V4 Tacan v5.0 Question in Prepar3D
    Once you have the entry in RFN_Carriers.xml formatted correctly (only one one line for FLOLS_Name="" as YoYo pointed out -- six different type options plus none -- only pick one) and you tune the frequency you will see the name (from the line Carrier Name="whatever") in yellow text against a green background. :ernaehrung004:
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  • downwind's Avatar
    Today, 13:46
    Beautifully-done aircraft in either livery. Thanks for the hard work each of the creators put into this.
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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Today, 13:31
    My experience has been quite the opposite. I'm in the UK and have been mostly flying in the UK lately, I usually see plenty of other players while flying, some of the more popular airports can get quite hectic at times, no one uses the ATC and takes off and lands on whatever runway and from whatever direction they feel like. Not complaining, it can be quite fun at times. I kind of wish MS/Asobo would implement built in voice comms. MSFS is already running through the XBox app so it shouldn't be too difficult to add.
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  • hubbabubba's Avatar
    Today, 13:23
    As a teaser; As of now, still waiting for it.
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  • hubbabubba's Avatar
    Today, 13:18
    Yesterday night (I'm in East USA region... but not in USA), I was flying in western France near Arcachon and , just to see, I tried all server one after one (minus Asia). All servers were void of any real players, except west EU. I counted six tags flying around, one landing and parking in the middle of the runway I was about to land on. Made a 200 feet landing with flaps in my Cessna 172 and taxied to the fuel pumps without even getting near him. :confusion: I wonder where these servers are, geographically speaking.
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  • Marty's Avatar
    Today, 13:13
    When you make a new panel sometimes the messages are behind the panel the panel and can not be viewed. what causes this to happen? can the panel bmp be saved in another format so the messeges show? :encouragement:
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  • hardlucksam's Avatar
    Today, 13:10
    hardlucksam replied to a thread P3D_V4 Tacan v5.0 Question in Prepar3D
    Will try this. One last thing > I hope > when you change frequencies; in the upper left hand corner of the screen you see a pop up light green bar with writing. On mine > it is blank. Does this help any??
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 12:55
    YoYo replied to a thread P3D_V4 Tacan v5.0 Question in Prepar3D
    No, no, no :biggrin-new: - put this only in this line:
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    Today, 12:49
    Hi Folks, All finished and just uploaded to the library.... Cheers Shessi
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  • hardlucksam's Avatar
    Today, 12:48
    hardlucksam replied to a thread P3D_V4 Tacan v5.0 Question in Prepar3D
    YO YO > Okay, I tried your suggestion. Please do not give up on me. I appreciate your time and help. Thanks.
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    Today, 12:47
    Hi Folks, All finished and just uploaded to the library... Cheers Shessi
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 12:41
    Does GIMP has an airbrush tool?
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