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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 15:59
    Good music ,wormbelly ! Enjoyed it .
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 15:03
    To be clear, I'm not proposing actual portovers (which are buggy and don't fly right), but rather native SDK ports of the existing models/art, to keep costs down. Add a "Flight Sim Classics" section to Marketplace, price these at $10-15, and devs would likely cover their costs/time easily. This makes me so happy to hear! I'm an aviation history nut, and to be able to get a glimpse of what it was like to fly something like a Cutlass or Skyray is awesome to me. (Still super-excited by your P-61!) I was lucky enough to get some time at the controls in the back seat of of an F-15D many years ago. The startup/systems aspect of that flight was exactly 0% of the excitement. :) I have the DCS F-15, and your packages for P3D and MSFS, and while I appreciate both (combat in DCS is...
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 13:49
    jankees replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    It was indeed frowned upon, more than with the USAAF anyway. Good to see the clipped wing visible again, Noddy, nice shots!
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 13:46
    You are the only one recording this issue. We have had many good reports from happy VR users.:engel016:
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  • FAC257's Avatar
    Today, 13:16
    That's what I thought should happen but wasn't having any luck. Just got a note back from Carenado and there is an unusual added step. To adjust the center digit, you first left click and hold on the center knob and then right click while still holding the left. That changes the center knob between in and out. Thumbs up again to Carenado on a quick response to a question. As long as I've been buying Carenado aircraft, any time I've sent a note to them, they've responded very quickly. Forest
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  • DaveWG's Avatar
    Today, 13:05
    DaveWG replied to a thread Hawker Hunter package in MSFS (FS2020)
    Quick answer. No. The pilots in mine are modelled to be a reasonable representation of the correct flying gear for the period. The default pilots, although well modelled, would be too inaccurate.
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  • DC1973's Avatar
    Today, 12:30
    @Denny @Priller I echo these sentiments. It's worth noting though that the vocal 1% are precisely that, 1%. Flight sim, like many hobbies, has a "silent majority", and their majority speaks louder in sales than it does on some forum where many of these supposed "experts" have never flown a real airplane and often are barely old enough to shave. 20 years' of sales data tells a clear story: 70% + or so of all flight sim fans don't want study-level airplanes, and that figure is likely higher now with the console users on board in MSFS. They mostly want mid-level airplanes, but also do admire and enjoy good texturing and modeling. Freeware is in my opinion one of the only things that kept flight sim alive when it was in deep decline, until Prepar3D became a thing. Freeware developers...
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  • collensr's Avatar
    Today, 12:28
    Hi Dave - thanks for the Hunters ! I have been following your work through all the various flightsim iterations over the years!! Quick question is there a way that we can use the default fast jet or other MoD'd pilot figures with your aircraft? Thanks Richard
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 12:24
    Pilot body, custom view wasn't fixed :( he is present still. I hope for the next patch. With the rest I see improvments, TY!
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  • gustooo's Avatar
    Today, 12:00
    OFF Fre, Winco, Firestorm, Screeny Tomorrow
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  • Manschy's Avatar
    Today, 10:58
    That's pretty cool, DC. Now MSFS is getting closer and closer according to my taste :applause:
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  • LouP's Avatar
    Today, 10:39
    LouP replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    Seeing the screenie above made me wonder why the brits' "quality" nose art was not seen in the same magnitude as the U.S. planes. Was it really not allowed in the British forces? LouP
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  • LouP's Avatar
    Today, 10:35
    I demand that all aircraft ever made for fs be converted over to msfs in the high quality that I expect and deserve! and NOW!!!! :dizzy: LouP :very_drunk:
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 09:35
    I heard the word "Phantom" again!!! :jump: Priller
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 09:25
    I agree 150%. Like the way some, if not all, freeware designers are treated. They release a creation for the community, and they are instantly attacked/devoured by some members. Even over here. For some reason some people don't care about the hours that developers invest in their creations, most of the time releasing stuff that would normally not even see the light of day in MSFS because they're not financially viable. Instead they get vicious attacks and public humiliation. IMHO, that is disgusting. If you see something that isn't right, I'm pretty sure that any dev would like a private, honest, polite suggestion to improve their creations. But publicly attacking them and humiliating them is just not done. A freeware dev recently told me in private that "I am reluctant to...
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  • Victory103's Avatar
    Today, 09:14
    Victory103 replied to a thread Virtavia C-17 P3DV5+ in Prepar3D
    Thanks for researching this, I have just dealt with it in v5 as I tried to get the ISG gauges working. Next to the C-130, still my go-to mil transport.
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  • NSS's Avatar
    Today, 09:09
    Downloading V1.4.0 from Just Flight as I type.
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 08:52
    Perhaps an Avia 56 on floats? Cheers, Huub
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 08:48
    Enjoy your new system! Cheers, Huub
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 08:37
    noddy replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
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