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  • TheBookie's Avatar
    Today, 20:10
    TheBookie replied to a thread Lady Lex in CFS2 General Discussion
    Shadow Wolf I will have the new keyboard by friday. TheBookie
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
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  • goodyzero's Avatar
    Today, 19:14
    On the p3dv4.
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  • triflyman's Avatar
    Today, 19:10
    Okay…thanks Denny. Thought it was about Old Warden. Garry
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 19:02
    TheBookie: For a fix, you can go into Settings/Controller Assignments and set your views to whichever keys are working for you. Alternatively, if flying in full screen mode, hit alt and in the menu bar above, you ca set the views as desired. :wavey:
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  • TheBookie's Avatar
    Today, 19:01
    TheBookie replied to a thread Lady Lex in CFS2 General Discussion
    I now have 9 missions done and I think 12 will be the total.The attack on Shoho I'm still not satisfied with yet.I found some new information during the Coral Sea that I don't think was available when Talon did his Coral Sea missions.These missions are late afternoon when Admiral Grace cruise force was attacked by Kates and Vals and Lexington sent fighters to protect them.There are 3 missions to portray that.I'm sure if Talon knew about them he would have done them.His missions were done 18 years ago and not as much information was on the internet as now. Now guess who gets first crack at these missions to test. You Captain Kurt. ThrBookie
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 18:58
    Dino's doing the Skyhawk down the road. (Not Old Warden. ;-) The F-35, M-346, and Sukhoi 31 are coming first, so the Scooter's gonna be a while. Looks like Dino's also doing a helicopter of his own, with a custom external flight model! In the meantime, hopefully the Old Warden author will find some RAF paints for the Spits. Even with the current ones, it's still insanely better than the default!
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Today, 18:29
    I look forward to seeing both when you are satisfied with them :encouragement:
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  • triflyman's Avatar
    Today, 17:09
    Can you give me a link or information to "Dino's" version. Thanks, Garry
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    Today, 16:59
    I must be slipping! I was looking for Beau's Coastal Command Liberators and there they were in ETO in The British Naval file? I can always wait for Beau's Website to be corrected.
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  • eddie's Avatar
    Today, 16:57
    eddie replied to a thread Keeping busy in CFS3 General Discussion
    Yeah it was something back then!
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 16:54
    The Islander is out! It's great -- flies well, systems are solid, lots of liveries. Currently available on the Blackbox Simulations site. It'll be in the MSFS Marketplace in a couple-few weeks, given their pokey approval process.
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  • Dangerousdave26's Avatar
    Today, 16:44
    I moved the Ford Tri Motor site to this server this evening. There is some code that points to Garry's old site that needs removed / changed. Those changes will happen over time. It looks like the downloads all work.
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 15:46
    I think that the duplicate hawk files are one of the few bugs that ETO 1.50 has. Otherwise, the main thing I do is whip through and set up the entered and exit service dates to my preferences. Oh, and put spawn="n" for all the night fighters that I don't want buzzing around in the day.
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 15:35
    The repaint artist from above has a number of other liveries.
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  • Penzoil3's Avatar
    Today, 15:25
    Many reports of problems with the .092 update. It seems to be causing a lot of CTD's. I deleted it and went back one version.
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 15:24
    Version 2.0: This livery just working with Airbus H135 new version 0.92 and above. Add new parts of helicopter
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  • JD_LincsUK's Avatar
    Today, 14:31
    JD_LincsUK replied to a thread Milviz PC-6 Porter in Prepar3D
    Does anyone fly this crate in FSX-SE in VR? I only fly VR these days and have used the excellent Tim Conrad release up to now (which is great in VR) but thought I'd go for this one and I get a CTD every time I try and load it. I tried on the monitor in 2D, but still got a CTD to start with. After a reinstall, it worked once on the monitor - but still get a CTD for VR. Struggling to find any info on the 'net of others using it in VR (and not with P3D). I'll be buying the new one being developed for FS2020 without any doubt, but I'm still using the 'old' sims for Air Hauler etc and whilst the airframes available for the new sim are still very limited.
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